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March 2019
Digital Engineering, March 2019
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The March issue of Digital Engineering features a deep dive into the use of artificial intelligence in design engineering, plus a walkthrough of CORTIME, a Lenovo workstation review, generative design for manufacturing and more.

Previous Issues


August 2017
Digital Engineering, August 2017
Modeling for augmented reality; machine learning; cordless 3D scanning; entry-level GPUs; knowledge capture and retention in FEA; part reuse; mathematics software for big data and more.
July 2017
Digital Engineering, July 2017
3D printing and joining a car chassis; workstation review; putting desktop virtualization to the test; machine learning; the industrial internet of things; PLM sustainability; tracking materials for system simulation; custom...
June 2017
Digital Engineering, June 2017
Flying on Water: the engineering behind the America's Cup race; AutoCAD review; topology optimiation; electronic 3D printing; HP workstation review; and a focus on the IoT.
May 2017
Digital Engineering, May 2017
3D printing pre-processing; simulating stress concentrations; augmented reality; simulation for small- and medium-sized businesses; IoT links mechanical and electrical engineers; Ulimaker 3D printer review; industrial additive manufacturing and more.
April 2017
Digital Engineering, April 2017
HPC for simulation; simulation apps; education and certification; Onshape overview; IoT Security; supercomputing graphics; AutoCAD for Mac review; CorelCAD 2017 review and more.
March 2017
Digital Engineering, March 2017
Wearables get hot; preparing engineering students for work; understanding load paths; Lenovo workstation reviews; large-format printing; energy-efficient sensors; enigneering collaboration and more.
February 2017
Digital Engineering, February 2017
Desiging for human-machine interaction; injection molding simulation software; VR-ready workstation review; cloud storage; the software user experience; soft robotics; 3D printing custom golf clubs; PLM strategies and more.
January 2017
Digital Engineering, January 2017
Optimize additive manufacturing; biomimicry; material testing for elastomer durability; monitors for engineering; system-level lightweighting; simulation of additive manufacturing and more.


December 2016
Digital Engineering, December 2016
Design Optimization: Past, Present and Future; Topology Optimization; Mass Production at Millimeter Scale; Sensors Transform
November 2016
Digital Engineering, November 2016
Crash Simulations: More Data, Fewer Dummies; Cluster Computing; HPC Workflow Tips; We review the Dell Precision 3620 and Xi PowerGo XT mobile workstation.
October 2016
Digital Engineering, October 2016
Spike Aerospace wants to bring supersonic travel back; Review of Eurocom Sky DLX7’s desktop CPU; Math Tools for the IoT and Geometry-based search functions.
September 2016
Digital Engineering, September 2016
Real-time sensor data adds a new facet to interoperability; Bridging the Design-Manufacturing Divide;  elctromagnetic simulation; Keeping the Connected Soldier Connected.
August 2016
Digital Engineering, August 2016
Industry-specific requirements and workflows reshape general purpose software; Ysing 3D printing and sensors technologies; AI, sensors and data analytics -- the unsung heroes of the IoT.
July 2016
Digital Engineering, July 2016
Initiatives are reshaping Lockheed Martin; Going Green; Microsoft Flexes Its Agile Muscles
June 2016
Digital Engineering, June 2016
Collaborative robots fuel job growth; New tools are emerging that help engineers run more comprehensivenoise, vibration and harshness analysis; Cloud Rendering; and a look at the APEXX 1 1401 and APEXX 2 2402 systems.
May 2016
Digital Engineering, May 2016
An introduction to 3D printing technologies, materials and terms; 3D printing applications from Stratasys, Mcor and 3D Systems; Stress in FEA: Part 2; New display options can give designers a more...
April 2016
Digital Engineering, April 2016
On-demand hardware and pay-per use licensing; Price of 3D Printing; a look at the Dell Precision 7710; Simulation Software and Visual Systems Design.
March 2016
Digital Engineering, March 2016
Simulation-Driven Design Fast Tracks the Hyperloop; Finite Element Analysis; Engineers are gaining more access to virtual and augmented reality; a look at the Eurocom Sky X9W desktop.