3D Control Systems Launches AI-Powered 3D Printing Workflow Management Software

Hardware Agnostic Platform Comes with Dashboard for Usage Data and Insights

3D Control Systems introduces AI-Powered 3D printing workflow management software ZAP.

3D Control Systems launches ZAP, an AI-powered 3D printing workflow manager. Image courtesy of 3D Control Systems

3D Control Systems has just launched a new AM (additive manufacturing) workflow management software, dubbed ZAP, powered by AI and ML (machine learning). 

“The automated workflow platform integrates disparate 3D printer systems, frees users of risk for future technology integrations, and eliminates costs for system migration, deployment, and upgrades. This makes the new ZAP platform the ideal solution for advanced manufacturing factories that are looking to address requests that range from automating internal 3D printers to managing external production more efficiently,” according to the company's announcement.

3D Control Systems launches ZAP, an AI-powered 3D printing workflow manager. Image courtesy of 3D Control Systems

Since each 3D printer comes with its own firmware and printing software, enterprises running massive AM operations wrestle with the mix of software in monitoring and controlling the job queues. ZAP is 3D Control Systems's proposed solution to this problem. But ZAP does not replace the printer maker's software, which offers its own machine-specific features.

“Most 3D Printer OEMs have APIs for integration, so the firmware to run the machine stays with the OEM; however, we can gather data and run production through our software and optimize the build,” explained Michelle Bockman, CEO and Cofounder of 3D Control Systems.

Because ZAP watches over multiple printers, it comes with a dashboard that gives you additional insights not available on the machine-specific software. “We provide data on overall equipment effectiveness, utilization data, costs, etc. in a dashboard with analytics. We signal when material runs low, and we can track and trace parts,” said Bockman.

The company has also developed a technology that allows customers to compare manufacturing methods, and pick the most suitable option for their part design based on similar parts. This is one area where AI is applied, Bockman said.

3D Control Systems plans to offer ZAP under SAAS licensing, with pricing based on number of machines managed, different OEMs involved, software platforms and customized modules.

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