3D Model Demand From Manufacturers Showcases CAD To Poly 3D/AR Technology

Signs multiple deals for its CAD-poly solutions

Signs multiple deals for its CAD-poly solutions

Nextech AR Solutions Corp., a Metaverse Company and provider of augmented reality experience technologies and services, announces the signing of multiple CAD to POLY deals across various industries including Brunswick Corporation, Jacuzzi Brands LLC, Ford Motor Company. The company is validating its CAD-Poly 3D modeling technology called ARitize CAD. The company reports that it now has a viable solution to convert large CAD files into lightweight 3D models at affordable prices and at scale. 

ARitize CAD is Nextech’s technology. Using ARitize CAD, files can be converted to 3D/AR models with the creation of photorealistic, fully textured 3D models from raw CAD models and reference images. This technology creates optimized 3D meshes that are suitable for 3D and AR applications. 

To learn more, visit the following page: Turning 3D CAD Designs into CGI Ready 3D Models Automatically.

ARitize CAD was only recently launched and has already signed notable customers including; Collingwood Lighting Ltd. a lighting manufacturer, Brunswick Corporation, the largest recreational boating manufacturer in the world, Jacuzzi Brands LLC, through its subsidiaries, is a global manufacturer and distributor of branded baths, hot tubs, pools, saunas and Ford Motor Company.

“We are seeing very strong demand for 3D models across many industries, and I believe that the worldwide mass adoption of 3D models has only just begun,” says Nextech AR CEO Evan Gappelberg. “Our company is uniquely positioned to capitalize on the growing demand for everything 3D with ARitize 3D for retailers and ecommerce websites as well as ARitize CAD for manufacturers.

“Our 3D model making technology is the lowest cost, highest quality, most scalable solution and I believe is a true disrupter in the emerging multibillion dollar 3D model market,” Gappelberg says. “2022 has only just begun and we are already seeing a growing momentum and increased demand across industries for everything 3D, setting the stage for Nextech to have a record-breaking number of 3D models in the market for 2022!”

“Most modern products that have ever been built have been manufactured from reference CAD models,” says Nextech's Chief Technology Officer Nima Sarshar. “Think of it, that’s billions of products worldwide, and Nextech has invented an easy way to turn them into 3D models. Instead of using 2D images to create 3D models, we now have the ability to go straight to the source, where the products are actually designed by engineers (CAD files) and render these into perfect 3D models, at scale. Our new CAD to POLY solution is backed by technology that will prove to be the holy grail of scaling 3D content.”

The company has filed a provisional patent covering the conversion of CAD files into 3D models. CAD to 3D model conversion capability implies improved scalability associated with Nextech's 3D models for ecommerce, with the creation of photorealistic, fully textured 3D models from raw CAD models and reference images. 

Sources: Press materials received from the company and additional information gleaned from the company’s website.

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