3D Systems Introduces Next Generation Cube and CubeX at CES

3D Systems’ new professional desktop printer, the CubeX. Courtesy of 3D Systems.

CES is upon us, and the news is starting to roll out. 3D Systems has hit the gate running with the release of two new 3D printers. The first is the next generation of the Cube, the company’s home 3D printer offering. The new Cube has been certified as safe for home use under IEC 60950 printer safety requirements, which is something of a first for an additive manufacturing (AM) system.

According to the company, the next-gen Cube is 1.5 times faster and has double the accuracy of the older system. The build envelope remains the same at 5.5 in. in X, Y and Z, but now offers green-friendly PLA and recyclable ABS plastic filament. To make the Cube even more environmentally friendly, 3D Systems has also implemented a program that allows customers to trade in used material cartridges for a discount on new cartridges.

3D Systems CubeX

“With the next generation Cube, we are giving consumers the best ever at-home 3D printing experience with more options for more fun,” said Cathy Lewis, chief marketing officer, 3D Systems. “Our growing selection of 3D apps, designs and lifestyle accessories on Cubify.com makes 3D printing accessible to everyone, and our sustainability and safety enhancements make 3D printing responsible and enjoyable for the entire family.”

The new Cube will be on display at CES, and will go to market on January 21. Pricing is $1,399 for the Print Pack, which includes the printer, four cartridges, 25 free prints and the Cubify Invent design software.

While the next-gen Cube is a home system, 3D Systems’ CubeX is being marketed at small businesses. The desktop AM system has a 10.8 x 10.45 x 9.5 in. (27.4 x 26.5 x 24.1 cm) build envelope, with a print speed of up to 15 mm/second. The new system can print in either PLA or ABS, with an accuracy of 125µ for high definition, 250µ for “crisp” definition, or 500µ for standard definition.

3D Systems is offering three different models of the CubeX. The basic system prints in a single color and sells for $2,499. The CubeX Duo prints in two colors at $3,249, and the CubeX Trio offers prints in three colors for $3,999. All printers have the same sustainability features discussed for the next-gen Cube. The CubeX will begin shipping on February 8.

“We are proud to unveil the ultimate desktop 3D printer and to offer it on our consumer platform, Cubify, where prosumers can work and play in one place without sacrificing their professional needs or desires for fun printing,” said Lewis.  “We are excited to see the innovations that are sure to come from CubeX educators, entrepreneurs, and serious 3D enthusiasts.”

Below you’ll find a short clip about the CubeX.

Source: 3D Systems: Cube, CubeX

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