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Altair Alliance Adds Kinect-Capable Rendering Tool

The Altair Partner Alliance has gained its first rendering tool, a 3D solution with tracking capabilities for augmented reality technologies that leverages Microsoft Kinect.

LinceoVR from Seac02 renders 3D models in real time, and allows users to create customized on- and off-line scenarios for interactive product presentations. According to the company, Automotive and consumer goods producers and retailers can take advantage of LinceoVR to present product concepts, along with marketing and sales applications. It can be used in the packaging design phase for visual decision-making support, as well.

It also includes marker tracking and natural feature tracking; is capable of background subtraction and substitution; video recording; and custom overlays.

“LinceoVR will enable our engineering and design customers to visualize their concepts and products in real-world environments and even interact with them,” said James Dagg, CTO at Altair. “This will take product design to a whole new level and is the perfect addition to our 3D modeling and visualization software lineup.”

Source: Altair Partner Alliance

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