Altair HyperWorks 2019, AMD Workstation GPU for Under $200, SIGGRAPH Tackles AI and Ethics

Altair HyperWorks 2019, AMD Workstation GPU for Under $200, SIGGRAPH Tackles AI and Ethics

In this week's DE Video News Roundup, Altair releases HyperWorks 2019, AMD introduces workstation GPU for under $200, SIGGRAPH 2019 set to tackle AI and Ethics

From the SIGGRAPH 2018 Immersive Pavilion (Vrcade). Photo courtesy of SIGGRAPH, Jim Hagarty.

Altair releases HyperWorks 2019

This week, Altair released HyperWorks 2019, a new version of its simulation software suite that addresses model-based systems design, early concept design, detailed multiphysics simulation, optimization, and more.

For this release, the company says it worked hard to refine the user interface, to satisfy both the expert and the part-time analysts.

HyperWorks 2019 includes HyperLife, a solution to simulate and study fatigue-related events, and predict potential failures.

There's also a new meshing workflow with HyperMesh X for geometry creation, editing, morphing, and meshing.

The company also plans to incorporate the technology from SIMSOLID, acquired in October 2019, into its designer-friendly software offerings.

Also noteworthy is MotionSolve, a multibody system simulation program. Altair’s generative design software Altair Inspire has a Motion module.

AMD announces Radeon Pro WX 3200

If you think GPUs for workstations are unaffordable, AMD might change your mind. Recently, AMD announced the Radeon Pro WX 3200, a small form-factor GPU for CAD users, priced $199.

The Radeon Pro GPU line targets people who use SolidWorks, CATIA, Creo, and other industry standard 3D modeling software. Workstations with this GPU will be offered by AMD partners, including Boxx, Dell, and HP, in the third quarter of this year.

AMD also offers Radeon ProRender, a rendering program that takes full advantage of the AMD GPUs. It includes AI-based denoising, and support for AR/VR content creation and viewing. The renderer is free, available as a plug-in to most CAD programs.

SOLIDWORKS RealView model rendered with AMD Radeon ProRender rendering engine, available as a free plug-in for CAD programs. Image courtesy of AMD and Dassault Systemes SolidWorks

SIGGRAPH tackles AI, AR, and Ethics

This year, SIGGRAPH is set to take place in Los Angeles, from July 28-August.

The organizers have just announced that the show will tackle AI and ethnics in games, among others.

There’ll be a panel called The Ethical and Privacy Implications of Mixed Reality, where speakers will discuss the dilemmas of balancing self-sovereign identity, biometric data, and AR powered by the cloud.

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