AMFG Enables One-Stop Shop for Cross-Platform 3D Metal Production

Companies create integration link enabling bidirectional data exchange.

Companies create integration link enabling bidirectional data exchange.

AMFG powered by Dyndrite enables automated process-to-part capability from one application for cross-platform LPBF printing via bi-directional data exchange between MES and ToolPath generation app. Image courtesy of Dyndrite and AMFG.

Dyndrite and AMFG, providers of manufacturing execution software and workflow software, announced AMFG powered by Dyndrite. The integrated solution enhances metal 3D printing by bringing order-to-part automation, Dyndrite reports.

AMFG powered by Dyndrite, combines advanced order processing capabilities with the industrial 3D printer processing capabilities of Dyndrite. The combined solution enables laser powder bed fusion (LPBF) users and service bureaus to deploy automated ordering, collating and processed part production services. 

An investigation among AMFG customers reveals benefits of over 500 hours per machine per year in saved labor for powder-based processes alone, excluding benefits such as minimized human error, expedited turnaround times and enhanced machine use. Monthly, this translates to 220-300 hours saved for six machines, which equates to approximately 40 hours per printer per month. The integration between AMFG and Dyndrite not only streamlines the manufacturing process but also impacts businesses by facilitating quicker time to market and fostering trust through the reduction of time to ship.

AMFG powered by Dyndrite, provides an autonomous manufacturing workflow. The benefits of each software complement each other to form a unified solution:

AMFG’s order management system receives and collates orders from multiple customers, sorted by machining process and parameters. Next, the disparate parts enter AMFG software powered by Dyndrite, whose GPU-accelerated CAM engine enables those parts to be nested, supported, labeled,and toolpaths generated for compatible machines, including Aconity3D, EOS, Renishaw, SLM Solutions and others. 

Production build data re-enter AMFG’s manufacturing execution system, which harnesses its production planning capabilities to provide real-time build status updates and analytics, as well as its quality management system to ensure jobs are completed with no issues, the companies report. The AMFG MES powered by Dyndrite, eliminates engineering hours spent manually prepping and collating build files and acquiring software modules for each metal platform acquired.

“We are entering a new era of manufacturing. One driven by data and automation,” says Keyvan Karimi, founder and CEO of AMFG.  “By adopting Dyndrite we enable data automation down to the toolpath, unlocking the full potential of each machine, while growing efficiency and reducing the potential for human errors.”

“The partnership between AMFG and Dyndrite marks a significant step towards a seamless production process for 3D metal machines. By combining the strengths of our respective software, we’ve created a one-stop-shop solution that streamlines the complex and time-consuming task of driving the AM process,” says Harshil Goel, founder and CEO of Dyndrite. 

AMFG powered by Dyndrite, is available in Q3 2023.

Sources: Press materials received from the company and additional information gleaned from the company’s website.

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