ANSYS 15.0 Increases Speed and Reliability of Structural Models

Parallel meshing, model assembly and smart tools improve large model handling.

Parallel meshing, model assembly and smart tools improve large model handling.

ANSYS announced the launch of ANSYS 15.0, which takes advantage of advancements in processing speed. The company says that the product’s structural capabilities improvements will make the product run easier and faster for end users.

The new release includes improvements to composites modeling workflow. The submodeling technique is now supported, enabling users to obtain high-fidelity local results, and progressive damage is enhanced to estimate failure of composites products.

Engineers can now virtually model bolt threads as a special contact region that defines all the thread attributes. Contact capabilities are also extended to support modeling of wear between parts due to friction.

Nonlinear adaptive meshing introduces the ability to automatically refine the mesh of parts when it experiences severe distortion during solution, leading to successful convergence. According to the company, this method allows for up to 50 percent more deformation than a single analysis.

Parallel meshing, model assembly and smart tools improve the handling of large models and assemblies, the company says. Model meshing performance is enhanced through advancements in meshing algorithms as well as through the introduction of a parallel part-by-part meshing engine that delivers up to a 27-times reduction in meshing time. Users also gain the ability to assemble both FEA and geometric models in the ANSYS Workbench environment to create complex assemblies.

Solver performance has been improved for several applications. A new linear dynamics solver has been introduced to achieve an average of three-times speedup on modal analyses.

For more information, visit ANSYS.

Sources: Press materials received from the company and additional information gleaned from the company’s website.

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