Aras PLM Platform Chosen by Medical Technology Provider as its Future PLM System

The new state-of-the-art PLM system from Aras will supplant Dräger’s legacy systems, connect more than 2,500 users and be hosted in the cloud.

Aras reports that Dräger, a medical and safety technology provider, has selected the Aras PLM Platform as its future PLM system to enable enterprise-wide visibility of product data. The new state-of-the-art PLM system will supplant Dräger’s legacy systems, connect more than 2,500 users and be hosted in the cloud.

“Worldwide, leading companies such as Dräger are re-focusing on their product processes to unlock value, efficiency, and ultimately, innovation and growth,” says Andreas Mueller, SVP European Operations, Aras. “By selecting the Aras PLM Platform, Dräger is able to build a technology foundation for digital transformation initiatives.”

As part of company initiatives to maintain and further strengthen its market position, Dräger identified PLM as a strategic focus area and opportunity to extract value. The result was Dräger’s PACE program aimed at defining and developing a PLM platform to unify product data, processes and legacy systems by 2020.

Dräger had been running separate PLM instances for both the Medical and Safety business units. Aras was selected for its flexibility to adapt to Dräger’s requirements and ability to easily migrate data from the two existing PLM systems. In addition, Aras’ partner Minerva played a significant role in the selection with its out-of-the-box Medical Device templates for design history file (DHF).

The Aras PLM Platform will provide full lifecycle traceability to improve company visibility on product development, product quality, product costs and impact of change. Short-term program goals include management of requirements, BOM, documents, master data and classification, to be followed by configuration, variants and options, model-based systems engineering and enterprise change management. As part of Dräger’s vision for its next-generation PLM system, the Aras PLM Platform will also serve as a central point for data by connecting to a range of other engineering and business systems such as requirements management, various CAD systems and the ERP system.

“Aras’ platform approach is directly in line with our IT operating model,” says Marcus Schüler, head of Global Functions R&D at Dräger and sponsor of the PACE program. “Aras PLM provides us with a strategic path forward to migrate data from our existing systems, refresh our legacy IT architecture, enable new technology insertion, and place teams at the center of product lifecycle data.”

For more info, visit Aras and Dräger.

Sources: Press materials received from the company.

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