Atheer Unveils New AR Management Platform Category

Atheer's recently debuted AR Management Platform category marks the first step in realizing the AR Management Platform vision with broader gesture support, contextualization, deeper hardware integration and improved voice transcription, the company reports.

Atheer, an enterprise augmented reality (AR) solutions provider, is shipping the first version of the new Atheer AR Management Platform with features that expand Atheer’s already-strong support for gesture and voice-based interactions, deliver enhanced contextualization of the user experience, and deliver improved day-to-day operational information and support to the worker.

The AR Management Platform is a new category of enterprise software aimed at meeting the biggest challenges facing business today, the company reports.

“We are excited to ship the initial instance of our new Augmented Reality Management Platform today,” says Atheer CEO Sanjog Gad. “It provides immediate competitive advantage to our enterprise customers, offering them greater choice in hardware, a smoother way to interact with vital system information data, such as battery life and WiFi strength, and a better experience of handling voice transcription. The platform now also incorporates our patented gesture recognition technology, which brings gesture based control even to smart glasses that are equipped only with RGB cameras. This is a game changer when it comes to worker productivity and safety. ”

There are eight pillars to the AR Management Platform. It is device-agnostic, supports natural interactions, offers real-time ‘see what I see’ video, audio and text-based collaboration, digital asset management, offers contextual awareness, a predictive experience, performance analytics and is enterprise-ready. 

The AR Management Platform provides gesture support on smart glasses equipped with RGB cameras (such as the RealWear HMT-1). It adds marker-based contextualization to provide the worker with directly relevant content, work instructions, guidance, and access to expert support for the task at hand. The platform adds the ability to take notes within work instructions, thereby improving collaboration and digital assets .

The platform Includes a new “status bar” in the user experience, so that workers can instantly have access to device-specific, contextual information about the state of their hardware and communications. It enhances the natural interaction capabilities of the platform by providing voice transcription powered by industry standard Google Voice technology.

Sources: Press materials received from the company.

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