BETA CAE Systems Releases v18.0.0 of its Software Suite

One highlight of the new software solutions is functionality for meshing and mid-surface extraction.

BETA CAE Systems kicks off v18.0.0 of its software suite. Beyond the enhancements to ANSA, EPILYSIS and META, the new product, KOMVOS-SDM Console, is now integrated into the BETA suite.

KOMVOS, the new addition to the legacy BETA Suite, is a Simulation Data Management platform for the interactive browsing, visualization and handling of all data related to CAE analysis, from PDM extractions to simulation runs, key results and reports.

EPILYSIS, following its initial objective to bridge the gap between pre- and post- processing, comes with extended functionality in diverse areas, while the significant acceleration in the overall process execution is one of its main assets in v18.0.0, the company reports.

The new version of META extends the capabilities of post-processing with the introduction of new tools and approaches, coupled with automation.

The highlights of the new software solutions are as follows:

  • functionality for meshing and mid surface extraction;
  • extended capabilities of META via the implementation of Virtual Reality in post-processing;
  • graphics engine and visualization capabilities of META, addressing the need for photo-realistic visualization and post-processing of simulation results;
  • potential for Web Collaboration that ANSA and META “Remote Viewer” offers;
  • Inverse Forming tool; and
  • solutions on Marine and Offshore design applications, hosted under a new menu with accompanied functionality.
For more info, visit BETA CAE Systems.

Sources: Press materials received from the company.

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