CAD Exchanger v3.23.0 Released

New changes allow users to create a valid model and make it clearer to work with objects, elements and containers.

New changes allow users to create a valid model and make it clearer to work with objects, elements and containers.

Reworked BIM model structure. Image courtesy of CAD Exchanger.

CAD Exchanger has released CAD Exchanger 3.23.0, a software suite for 3D CAD software developers and end users, allowing to view, explore and convert 3D CAD data on desktop, Web and mobile.

CAD Exchanger 3.23.0 major features:

  • NX 2306, Autodesk Inventor 2023 and 2024 import;
  • Reworked BIM model structure;
  • SDK documentation global revision.

Support of Autodesk Inventor, Siemens NX

The CAD Exchanger team is improving processes to add new formats and versions faster and faster. Previously, the company added the import of Autodesk Inventor 2022, and now, the company supplemented it with versions 2023 and 2024. CAD Exchanger also supports NX 2306.

SDK Enhancements

Reworked BIM model structure

New changes allow users to create a valid model and make it clearer to work with objects, elements and containers. All these updates also apply to WTK (tool for 3D visualization in the browser), so working on the Web has become easier.

Expanded API. Image courtesy of CAD Exchanger.

Expanded API

CAD Exchanger developed a special method that allows the user to choose from which angle they want to open the model. The user sets the transformation matrix, sends the model to the algorithm, and indicates what they want to do, for example, rotate, move, reduce, etc. Previously, the user had to change it manually. Now, SDK does it for him, and it saves time and effort.

This release also offers the improved CDXWEB file structure to load multi-LOD files faster in the browser.

Unity and UNIGINE Updates

Integration with Unity provides full texture support in the form of file structures. However, not all formats support textures, so it is recommended that users check this point before exporting. CAD Exchanger also supports the latest version of UNIGINE, 2.17. It has a significant amount of features that can be useful, so many users prefer to move to it.

Revised Documentation

SDK documentation does not stand still. CAD Exchanger has revised all of it to make learning the material and finding answers convenient. The new documentation is distinguished by its consistent structure, presence of all modules, and new articles. There is a separate page for examples, including online demos and interactive examples based on WTK.

Codename ‘CAD Exchanger Manufacturing Toolkit’

For those familiar with CAD Exchanger SDK, you might know about the Manufacturing Toolkit—a set of algorithms geared towards cost estimation, DFMA, and sheet metal operations. It’s been complementing core CAD Exchanger SDK.

Format Improvements

CAD Exchanger is always committed to enhancing the user experience by improving formats. Updates include some IFC, ACIS, Collada, FBX, glTF, NX, OBJ, U3D, and STEP fixes.

All CAD Exchanger products are available for a free evaluation. To get the evaluation and more details about the products, visit

Sources: Press materials received from the company and additional information gleaned from the company’s website.

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