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CAM2 Measure 10 and Challenges of Large Volume Measurements

Today’s Check it Out link is about how you can measure large objects and have confidence in the accuracy of your data.

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Laser scanning large and complicated parts, say a turbine used to generate electricity, is a tricky, time-consuming business. You’re walking around and maybe climbing the thing, repositioning laser scanners, checking in with the computer to see if things look OK and so forth. Mistakes, say missing measurements for an area or inaccurate recording of some measurements, can cost a lot of time and money.


The key to doing a large volume measurement job right is to minimize moving around and get the right measurement data. That last bit about the right data might be the trickiest part of all. Today’s Check it Out link is about how you can measure large objects and have confidence in the accuracy of your data.

The nickel tour of the “CAM2 Measure 10 and Challenges of Large Volume Measurements” on-demand webinar is that it shows you how to use CAM2 Measure 10 software from FARO Technologies and a FARO Laser Tracker for large volume measurements. You’ll get an extensive demonstration of the software’s key features and you’ll have a deeper appreciation of the benefits that CAM2 Measure 10 could bring to your organization. But that sounds so drab. There’s a lot more going on here than that.

One of the first things that will strike you about this webinar is that it’s almost entirely a hype-free presentation. It is much more like how you’d present something to your colleagues in a conference room as opposed to a sales presentation.

For example, the FaroArm and the FARO Laser Tracker are mentioned because, well, you can’t really talk about scanning without having a scanner handy. Yet, they are not pitched to you. The same holds true for the features and benefits of CAM2 Measure 10, even though it is the focus of everything. This approach gives the broadcast its strength and is what keeps your interest steady until the end.

The presentation begins with a brief rundown of the challenges that large volume measurement addresses, such as alignment, part inspection and scanning, prototyping and first article inspection, in industries as diverse as aerospace, automotive, machined parts and power generation. At about the 14-minute mark the demonstration begins with a short look at the basic CAM2 Measure 10 workflow from capturing data through report generation and distribution.

What’s interesting about this section is CAM2 Measure 10’s flexibility. You can, for instance, customize its interface for your type of application or industry. Its report generation mechanism lets you tailor data and export reports in formats like HTML or PDF for distribution.

Still, where it really seems to shine is in the ways FARO devises to make larger volume measurement tasks easier. For example, the presentation explains a feature called CAM2-Remote. This is an Apple app that gives you remote command, control and review of your measurement process, minimizing trudging back and forth from a scanner to your computer to see what’s really happening.

Another command set, the Easy Move Wizard, is for when you have line of sight, range or reach issues with your scanning device and you have to relocate it. Essentially, all you need to do is establish a fixed reference with some data you have or those marker things. You relocate the scanner then scan the tough spots. In any order, by the way. CAM2 Measure 10 will then “stitch” it together for you.

The presentation covers other CAM2 Measure 10 features and capabilities too numerous to mention here. Particularly notable are its ability to handle input from multiple scanners simultaneously – even to the point of scanning the same feature from different angles – and a template builder that lets you create repeatable series of measurement routines.

“CAM2 Measure 10 and Challenges of Large Volume Measurements” seems a good way to spend 49 minutes. If you have anything to do with laser scanning large objects, hit today’s Check it Out link and give it a whirl.

Thanks, Pal.  – Lockwood

Anthony J. Lockwood

Editor at Large, Desktop Engineering

Watch “CAM2 Measure 10 and Challenges of Large Volume Measurements” here.

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