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Check it Out: COMSOL User Conference Papers and Presentations Online

Dear Desktop Engineering Reader:

Please be seated. This is one of those “the king is dead/long live the king” moments in new product and new technology development. More than a half a million complimentary copies of the COMSOL User Conference CD have been sent to engineers, scientists, and academic researchers worldwide over the past few years. This complimentary compilation provided everyone access to the keynote addresses and hundreds of in-depth technical papers and presentations covering an incredible array of research and new product development advanced by multiphysics modeling and simulation. Ladies and gentleman, the COMSOL Conference CD of the user and keynote presentations is no more.

But all hail the king: The presentations from the 2012 worldwide COMSOL conferences are available online right now. And it is great. No registration. No waiting for the post office to get around to delivering your disc. It’s instant access. Just hit the link over there and immerse yourself.

And it’s absolutely great in depth too: 382 technical papers, 254 presentations, 231 technical posters, and 13 animations and movies, according to COMSOL. Just like its analog predecessors, the 2012 online edition of the COMSOL Conference is broadly categorized by technical disciplines. There are 21 areas in all, such as acoustics and vibrations; batteries, fuel cells, and electrochemical processes; MEMS; microfluidics; plasma physics; RF and microwave engineering; structural mechanics and thermal stresses; and transport phenomena.

The shear wealth of information available on-demand makes the online edition of the COMSOL Conference presentations like entering your favorite library or bookstore. You can browse through sections, open and scan presentations that pique your interest, and download the ones that hit your spot on the spot. Each individual presentation offers a unique insight on how some really smart person or teams use multiphysics modeling and simulation to solve real-world problems and advance their research. Since all of the presentations can be downloaded as a PDF, it’s easy to share a paper or papers with your colleagues or build your own reference library.

The COMSOL Conference has become a premiere event for anyone using or wondering how to use multiphysics modeling and simulation to innovate tomorrow’s products and technologies today. And the CD of user and technical papers and presentations from the conference has become an essential resource for engineers, scientists, and academics worldwide. (BTW, the 2013 COMSOL Conference will be held in Boston, MA, on October 9-11 and in Rotterdam, The Netherlands, on October 23-25.)

Now that the 2012 COMSOL Conference presentations are online and available 24/7, I feel obliged to issue the stern Check It Out Fair Warning: When you click that link over there, you risk becoming totally absorbed and losing all track of time reading through these fascinating presentations. I suggest you go to your favorite Internet café, get a cappuccino, then call the boss and explain that you’re doing research. You are, so enjoy.

Thanks, Pal. – Lockwood

Anthony J. Lockwood

Editor at Large, Desktop Engineering

Cappuccino and Multiphysics Anyone?

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