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CONTACT Extends its 3D Connect Visualization Offering with a new Solution

With the new solution, engineers can perform model analysis such as collision checks or clearance calculations directly in their task context.

With its in-house applications and embedded partner technology, CONTACT Software is extending its 3D Connect range of solutions. This is based on a central infrastructure that makes CAD models and data from various source systems available at any workstation. It can be used for both elementary use cases, and for specialist applications such as variant management. 3D Connect opens up the virtual product model to a larger user group.

Based on 3D Connect, selected extensions provide analytical and visualization functions. Following the 3D PDF solution reported on recently, the company now presents the extension for the DMU (digital mock-up).

In invenio Virtual Technologies, CONTACT is cooperating with a technology partner with DMU algorithms. The DMU software, which has previously predominantly been used by automotive manufacturers, is now also available as a seamless integration in 3D Connect. Engineers can reportedly perform collision checks and clearance calculations, nearest neighbor searches, fill level analyses and more directly in their task context throughout the product development processes.

The following DMU methods are available:

  • Clash & Clearance. Analysis of collisions, contact surfaces and clearance bands in geometric models to permit the automatic computation of installation situations.
  • Geometrical Difference. Calculation of the geometrical differences (version comparison) between two models.
  • Nearest Neighbor Searches. Computation of neighboring parts without it being necessary for there to be any direct structural relation between these parts
  • Removal of Model Content. Computation of the geometrical shell to reduce data volumes and protect IP.
  • High-Quality Image Generation. Realistic, photo-quality illustrations and line drawings.

These DMU algorithms are supplied with geometry data via 3D Connect and are incorporated in the specialist applications. Examples include specialist applications such as ECM (engineering change management), CAD data management, comparisons between variants and the preparation of data for technical documentation. In addition, the results can be automatically provided in archive, exchange and export formats such as 3D PDF or JT.

For more info, visit CONTACT Software.

Sources: Press materials received from the company.

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