Curtiss and Fast Radius Unveil Luxury Electric Motorcycle

The One is the culmination of Curtiss’ 30 years of experience  crafting luxury gasoline-powered motorcycles.

The One is the culmination of Curtiss’ 30 years of experience  crafting luxury gasoline-powered motorcycles.

The new Curtiss-1 electric motorcycle built with parts from Fast Radius, a Chicago-based digital manufacturer. Image courtesy of Curtiss/Fast Radius.

The Curtiss Motorcycle Co. and digital manufacturer Fast Radius have unveiled a new luxury electric motorcycle that will reinvent the EV motorcycle category: the Curtiss One.

The majority of the Curtiss One’s parts are produced by Fast Radius, a Chicago-based digital manufacturer that ships the parts to Curtiss’ facility in Alabama for assembly.

“The quality of Fast Radius’ work and the efficiency of their manufacturing allows us to make our dream motorcycle a reality,” says Curtiss CEO H. Matthew Chambers.

Rather than using off-the-shelf parts to convert a traditional gasoline-powered design into an electric machine, Curtiss worked with renowned designer JT Nesbitt to craft a motorcycle design tailored from the ground up for electric power. Then Fast Radius fulfilled Nesbitt’s vision.

Curtiss holds patents on several technologies, including the Curtiss One’s Centered Power Axis axial flux powertrain, liquid-cooled Power Pak battery, and aircraft-style Triple-Load-Path monocoque chassis.

“It is the finest motorcycle we have ever produced,” Chambers says. “Electric power gives us huge advantages in terms of design and performance that we simply haven’t had before. 

“We believe luxury loves electrification, and it’s the natural path to take to build the best motorcycle possible. This technology gives us the ability to transcend the traditional motorcycle design limitations and take our bikes to a whole new level in every respect—appearance, proportions, reliability, quality, performance, ease of use and of course fun.”

The One is the culmination of Curtiss’ 30 years of experience  crafting luxury gasoline-powered motorcycles. Curtiss invented the category, but the limitations of internal combustion restricted the appeal and the possibilities for innovation.

Curtiss’ arrangement with Fast Radius allows it to quickly scale up production of the motorcycle to meet demand. Fast Radius hopes to incorporate additive manufacturing, also known as 3D printing, into production of Curtiss’ motorcycle parts, including customizing motorcycle seats to fit the posterior of the customer.

“Fast Radius produces precision parts on a tight timetable and for reasonable expense, making it the perfect fit for companies like Curtiss that want to bring innovative products to market with major impact,” says Brian Simms, the company’s vice president of sales. 

With a retail price starting at $81,000, the Curtiss One is available for pre-order here.

Sources: Press materials received from the company and additional information gleaned from the company’s website.

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