Data Translation Announces High Density Simultaneous USB DAQ Module

Features 16 individual 24-bit A/D channels and synchronous operation.

Features 16 individual 24-bit A/D channels and synchronous operation.

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Data Translation,  Inc. has announced the release of the DT9826 multifunction data acquisition (DAQ) module for USB. The DT9826 combines high-performance, 24-bit analog measurement, digital I/O, counter/timers, and a tachometer channel onto a single plug-and-play device. Available as a board-level OEM version for embedded test applications, or installed in a metal BNC connection box for sensor connections. All Data Translation devices include driver and software support.

Data Translation Announces High Density Simultaneous USB DAQ Module

The DT9826 is powered by USB, has throughput rates of up to 41.6kSamples/second per channel. It features simultaneous operation of analog input, digital I/O, counter/timer and tachometer subsystems at total throughput rates of over 830kSamples/second, according to the company. It has 16 simultaneous analog input channels, 16 digital I/O lines, two 32-bit counter/timer (C/T) channels, and one 32-bit tachometer input channel.

Other key features include:

  • 24-bit Sigma-Delta ADC per channel.
  • Read the digital inputs and the two 32-bit counters using the A/D subsystem and the A/D clock to synchronize digital inputs and counter timers with the analog measurements.
  • Counter/timers that perform event counting,  up/down counting, frequency measurement, edge-to-edge measurement, continuous edge-to-edge measurement, continuous pulse output, one-shot, and repetitive one-shot operations.
  • Read the value of the tachometer input in the analog input data stream, to measure the period or frequency of the tachometer synchronously with analog input measurements.
  • ±500 V galvanic isolation barrier that prevents ground loops to maximize analog signal integrity and protect your computer.
  • Available installed in a metal connection box with BNC connectors, or as board-level OEM version.
  • Included drivers and software compatible with Windows XP/Vista/7.

For more information, visit Data Translation, Inc.

Sources:  Press materials received from the company and additional information gleaned from the company’s website.

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