Digital Twins and Cyberphysical Security at AeroDef

DE Video News May 3, 2019: Digital twins and cyberphysical security discussions at AeroDef Conf, ANSYS acuires EDA firm

DE Video News May 3, 2019: Digital twins and cyberphysical security discussions at AeroDef Conf, ANSYS acuires EDA firm

AeroDef Manufacturing Conference in Long Beach Convention Center, Long Beach, California.

Report from AeroDef Conference (Long Beach, California)

In Long Beach, California, aerospace and defense suppliers, contractors, and manufacturers gather for the AeroDef Manufacturing Conference (April 29-May 1), produced by the Society for Manufacturing Engineers (SME).

A growing area of interest for the attendees is the deployment of digital twins—not just for objects, such as jet engines and helicopters, but also for entire factories, plants, and processes.

Exhibitors such as JR Automation and Siemens highlight the technologies available for digital twins in their booths.

Also at the show are Creaform, which develops 3D scanning devices; and 3D Systems, an additive manufacturing (AM) system developer.

Attendees and featured panelists discuss the concerns for cyberphysical security, among others.

ANSYS buys DfR Solutions

This week, ANSYS buys DfR Solutions, known for Sherlock software.

Sherlock software can be used to simulate and verify temperature and power cycling, harmonic vibration, mechanical shock and bending, among others. It belongs to the electronics design automation (EDA) sector.

EDA's role is critical in the IoT era, where many devices have features driven by electronics components and software instead of mechanical features.

By combining its own software and Sherlock, ANSYS says it wants to offer a designer-level toolkit.

FEA results on an electrical component, conducted Sherlock EDA software from DfR Solutions.

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