Delcam Adds Large-Scale Mill-Turn Machine

Testing developments onsite proves out the software.

Testing developments onsite proves out the software.

By DE Editors

Delcam (Birmingham, UK) added a WFL mill-turn machine with a three-meter working capacity to the range of equipment in its Tooling Services Division. This is the latest expansion of the company’s in-house machining facility — which operates an equivalent manufacturing operation to prove out its new programs on real jobs with real deadlines.

“The Tooling Services Division has always had a dual role within Delcam,” said Division Director, Brian Hawkshaw. “Until recently, we have concentrated on five-axis machining, both because that was the main focus for our PowerMILL development team and because five-axis operation increased our ability to take on more complex jobs and complete them more efficiently. The move into mill-turn has had similar motives.”

“Firstly,  Delcam has expanded its product range with the acquisition of FeatureCAM and PartMaker, both of which offer mill-turn functionality, so we needed equipment with the ability to test new developments in these programs,” Hawkshaw said. “Secondly,  we have received more enquiries for large-scale projects that would only be possible to undertake efficiently with a mill-turn machine.”

“The Tooling Services Division also duplicated the diversification into other industries that has been seen in Delcam’s software business in recent years:  The aerospace sector now provides our biggest source of work, rather than the toolmaking industry,” added Hawkshaw.

Being able to test such developments onsite gives Delcam an advantage in proving out its software. For further details, go to Delcam.

Sources:  Press materials received from the company and additional information gleaned from the company’s website.

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