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Democratizing Simulation to Accelerate Product Development

How simulation experts and simulation users can make the most of digital transformation and collaborate in the most efficient way.

How simulation experts and simulation users can make the most of digital transformation and collaborate in the most efficient way.

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Simulation plays a key role in saving time and costs throughout the product development process. Nevertheless, simulation is often considered as a prerogative of a few experts. In this context, making it accessible to a broader audience is a challenge companies need to face to stay competitive. Collaboration and democratization are key to address this cultural shift. 

A flexible environment that connects simulation experts with simulation users, while keeping data safe, becomes crucial. Simulation experts specialize in model creation and process automation, while users are usually design engineers who need to use simulation models for exploration and optimization purposes. VOLTA brings them together on an enterprise platform for simulation process and data management (SPDM) and design optimization.

In VOLTA, ESTECO collaborative web platform, simulation experts create and automate the simulation process using the powerful workflow technology. The collaboration capabilities of VOLTA enable design engineers to benefit from the simulation model without having to deal with the complexity behind it. Specifically, design engineers can change the input parameters and execute the simulation without recreating the model from scratch. In addition, they can rely on state-of-the-art algorithms to execute optimization strategies and perfect the design in less time.

This democratization leads to relevant advantages for both simulation experts and users. On the one hand, simulation experts can work more efficiently and focus on the setup and automation of the most complex processes, without having to create models every time they are required. On the other hand, users can easily execute simulations and design explorations as many times as they need by simply changing the inputs. 

With VOLTA, companies can rely on a secure platform where data are safe and accessible at the same time. Indeed, different access levels ensure the highest protection of the company’s intellectual property. Simulation experts can make their models available to other users, without having to share all the details and complexity behind them and preserving data integrity.

VOLTA platform helps redefine and accelerate product development. Organizations that are moving towards an agile engineering process can rely on a comprehensive solution to create, capture and cultivate engineering knowledge. By making the most of collaboration, simulation and optimization technologies, they can reduce time-to-market and costs and deliver better products faster.

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