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Design Products as a Whole

Optimize engineering collaboration with the enterprise.

Sponsored ContentBy Carlo Poloni, president of ESTECO

The dynamic nature of modern markets has radically changed the way manufacturers approach product design, and so far technology has risen to the occasion by providing tools to improve and innovate products. The challenge today and for the future is enabling collaboration, where sharing knowledge and decision making go hand-in-hand with technology to speed up design processes and engineer better products.



ESTECO meets this challenge by providing tools that manage the interaction between different engineering disciplines, enabling companies to design products as a whole rather than as a set of individual components. Our software automates the design process and gives our customers advanced data mining capabilities: designers can use an array of leading-edge post processing tools to extract relevant information and transform it into insightful and actionable analyses.



Pioneering Technology Recognized

Our strategy at ESTECO has always been to be better than everyone else – to create something new and different from what is currently available – that’s why we are considered a pioneer in our field. What distinguishes ESTECO is our long history in, and experience with, traditional technology through the engineering of products and our ability to anticipate the future of IT technology. It’s no coincidence that Gartner, the IT consulting company, singled us out in their 2015 Product Design and Life Cycle Management Cool Vendors Report when we moved from a very technical desktop solution to an enterprise solution where interaction with IT is the prime focus. In the beginning, our customers were individuals designing a single component on their PC. Nowadays, we are moving toward a scenario where our technology is used throughout the company and accessible to managers and different experts within the company. This means that the judges of our software are no longer specialists working at their desks, but the very companies themselves. Convincing companies of our technical prowess is no longer enough, we also need to prove we are a stable, reliable and innovative company, and Gartner’s endorsement goes a long way toward doing that.

It’s not obvious to those who don’t know us, but wherever I look, wherever I go, I see things designed using our technology. Now, the world gets to know what we do, and I find that incredibly exciting. Being a Gartner Cool Vendor will make our lives a bit easier by raising awareness of ESTECO to companies that may not be aware of us and what our technology can do.


As a pioneer in numerical optimization, ESTECO provides innovative technology that enables engineers to make the most of their expertise while giving free rein to their creativity. As design complexity grows and demands for time and cost-effective tools rise, so does the need for technologies that effectively manage complexity—simply and rapidly. For over 15 years, ESTECO has been at the forefront of optimization technology and continues to provide industry with best-in-class solutions that makes life easier for engineers.

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