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Digital Twin Accelerates Product Development

Engineer your innovations with Simcenter.

Engineer your innovations with Simcenter.

Image courtesy of Siemens.

Products nowadays are more complex–they are becoming systems themselves connected to other systems. Manufacturers are also dealing with greater complexity from managing global teams, worldwide competition, increasing customer demands for personalized solutions, and faster innovation in the environment in which they operate. 

Product development companies must deal with many more requirements, new materials, and new manufacturing methods. Past experience is no longer sufficient. More physics have to be considered when designing a product, and developers need to start early with more options and fail fast. 

Survival in such an environment is only possible by using comprehensive digital twins, made possible by combining physics-based models with IoT and big data. Collecting and using this data intelligently enables building digital twins that mimic real physical assets at every stage of development and usage.

Siemens Simcenter™ is a full set of simulation and test solutions that enables companies to build and leverage digital twins of their products in support of closed-loop performance engineering. 

Simcenter helps companies implement strategic initiatives with an emphasis on:

Frontloaded engineering—using system simulation, CAE simulation, and combining simulation with test earlier to deliver insights sooner. 

Generative engineering—using AI and simulation to increase innovation in components, systems, and entire architectures.

Model-based engineering—whereby models become the new “language” of communication around systems and systems of systems, improving the management of models and data, and the consumption of models across the larger organization.

Continuous engineering—enabling new opportunities for engineering to impact product performance through leveraging IoT data and through the embedding of “executable digital twins” in the actual product.

Simcenter solutions are designed to be personalized, adaptable, open, and flexible to accelerate productivity and protect our customers’ investments. Simcenter engineering and consulting services help accelerate customer ROI.

Learn more about Simcenter here. 

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