DrivenBI Integrates AutoCAD into Cloud-Native Self-Service BI Platform

DrivenBI offers AutoCAD connectivity to its data preparation utility tool.

DrivenBI, which offers SRK, a cloud-native self-service business intelligence platform, introduces AutoCAD connectivity to its data preparation utility tool. Adding AutoCAD integration as part of SRK allows CAD designs to connect directly to business data and instantly show how designs impact overall project costs.


“Quick access to insights will help companies make strategic decisions around resource allocation, innovation and IT investments allowing them to drive greater cost savings and productivity,” says Rob Maguire, director of the AutoCAD product line.


With the AutoCAD integration capability of SRK, any changes in designs are instantly available for analysis, reflecting the cost impact in real-time. SRK streamlines design and approval, improves accuracy of data and analysis, and allows the team to focus on making timely decisions to drive their business. With SRK's self-service approach, headquarters can quickly and smartly customize analysis in response to any change in regulations or business without relying on IT.


For more information, visit DrivenBI.

Sources: Press materials received from the company.

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