Editor’s Pick: Design for metal additive manufacturing as a service

3DEO's new advisory service is built to allow the company to better assist its customer base by helping them design for AM technology.

3DEO's new advisory service is built to allow the company to better assist its customer base by helping them design for AM technology.

3DEO now offers Design for Additive Manufacturing consulting to its existing metal 3D printing services. Image courtesy of 3DEO.

3DEO introduces design and engineering consultation for its metal 3D printing services. Unlike most companies with metal 3D printing technology, 3DEO keeps its printers in-house and sells printing and related services. 

The company says the decision to add early-stage design for additive manufacturing (DfAM) allows it to better service its growing customer base by helping them design for this contemporary technology, instead of designing for older metal fabrication technologies such as CNC and metal injection molding. 

“We have the ability to customize our technology platform to help our customers solve their hardest engineering challenges,” says Matt Sand, president and co-founder. 

The specific service offered to a client depends on needs, the company says. Some will want their design and engineering teams trained in how to design for the unique aspects of metal 3D printing, while others will choose to use “design as a service” directly from 3DEO. 

The 3DEO 3D printing technology differs from other metal 3D printing approaches in two key ways. First, sintering is done as a bulk process, instead of a part at a time. Second, 3DEO printers are designed to work with commodity metal powders, which it says are “up to an order of magnitude less expensive” than specialty powders used by other 3D printing technologies. 

Examples of parts 3DEO is capable of producting with its 3D printing technology. Image courtesy of 3DEO.

The company says its approach makes their process “highly repeatable” and ideal for production volume. The company says it has tied its innovation to the existing metal injection molding standard, MPIF Standard 35, and works with customers who trust that standard today. 

“Adding design and engineering services seemed only natural to answer the call of our customers that need expertise in designing for additive manufacturing to gain a competitive advantage with innovative designs and breakthrough products,” adds Sand. 

The company’s existing clients are in the automotive, aeronautics, medical equipment and consumer products manufacturing industries. The company holds more than 20 patents and is ISO 9001:2015 certified. 

Close-up view of 3DEO 3D printer print head. Image courtesy of 3DEO.

The new 3DEO Design for Additive Manufacturing design services are now available. For more information about 3DEO’s new Design for Additive Manufacturing services, click here. 

Sources: Press materials received from the company and additional information gleaned from the company’s website. 

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