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Editor’s Pick: Océ Launches TDS750 Large-Format Printer

Successor to the Océ TDS700 features speeds of nine D-sized prints per minute and no warm-up time.

Successor to the Océ TDS700 features speeds of nine D-sized prints per minute and no warm-up time.

By DE Editors

Dear Desktop Engineering Reader:


Those of you of more advanced years might remember how back in the ‘80s networking as a standard piece of the enterprise infrastructure was in its infancy. One of the first ubiquitous usages of your newfangled office network was a shared printer. Futurists of that time, however, assured us that the LAN marked the end of the printer. The paperless office would be your office world by 2000.

Well, that didn’t work out. I read somewhere that we’re using more paper than ever. I’ll spare you the pop psychology bloviating on the power of paper and just say that one reason for this is that printers are now everything they were not then: quiet, fast, and flexible. They’re multifunctional too. Océ as been one of the leaders in multifunctional printer,  scanner, and copier systems and technologies for years now. It recently released its new Océ TDS750, a large-format black & white print/copy and color scanning system that is the successor to its widely deployed TDS700 wide-format system.

The Océ TDS750 is designed for the engineering office: fast,  high-resolution printing, copying, and scanning. And I mean in your office. The Océ TDS750 is quiet, Energy Star compliant, and low ozone emitting. The latter means that you do not have to have a ventilated isolation chamber to use it.

The Océ TDS750 is also capable of dealing with all sorts of document sizes at a pretty fast clip: It can print nine D–size prints per minute and scan at 2 to 3 in. per second (black and white). Print resolution is 600 x 1200 dpi and scanning resolution is 575 dpi (600 dpi maximum).

Again, the Océ TDS750 seems well-thought out for the office. You can configure it for concurrent print, copy, scan, and file processing. You can prioritize jobs, set security access, and monitor and manage it remotely. It even has template functionality that lets you program buttons for regular copy, scan, and print jobs. But perhaps the thing that I like best is that it has “instant-on” printing. It drives me nuts standing there waiting for a printer to wake up.

You can read about the Océ TDS750 from today’s Pick of the Week. There are links to the brochure and spec sheet so that you can get the full details. If you’re like me and your futuristic paperless office is piled high with documents you’ve printed out, need to copy to overnight somewhere, or scan in for archiving or e-mailing, the Océ TDS750 sounds like the unit that could serve your future well.

Thanks, pal.—Lockwood

Anthony J. Lockwood
Editor at Large, Desktop Engineering

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