Editor’s Pick: Siemens Simcenter Alliance with Rescale Offers HPC Performance

Rescale SaaS delivery provides compute resources on demand.

Rescale SaaS delivery provides compute resources on demand.

The Rescale ScaleX cloud platform for engineering HPC now offers on-demand access to the Siemens PLM Simcenter portfolio of simulation applications. Image courtesy of Rescale.

This week’s Editor’s Pick is great news for Siemens PLM Simcenter users, who now have on-demand access to what is billed as “the world’s largest HPC network designed for scientific and engineering simulation,” the Rescale ScaleX platform.

Rescale continues to punch above its weight class as a provider of high-performance computing (HPC) services for engineering. Simcenter users can now connect with global resources 24/7/365 for their largest and most complex simulation jobs.

Rescale says it aggressively upgrades the network regularly, taking advantage of new hardware architectures as they become available. Since being founded in 2011 Rescale has established itself in the software-as-a-service (SaaS) game for scientific and engineering simulation.

There’s flexibility in the new service: You can work entirely in the cloud or only send up specific tasks. Both graphical-user-interface-centric processes and multi-node batch execution solves are available. The deal expands the on-demand licensing options currently available to Simcenter users, with new options for monthly GUI subscriptions and the popular pay-per-use solver licenses.

What can Simcenter users expect from the Rescale platform? For starters, you get access to 36 data centers worldwide. That means no more waiting in a cloud queue to run simulations. There is access to current and past versions of Siemens solvers; you can pick your favorites or experiment with new solvers. The software is designed to be out-of-the-box easy to set up and use. And Siemens PLM Software’s CAE support team is available by phone or online live chat for immediate troubleshooting if something happens.

The following Simcenter programs are immediately available:

  • Simcenter Nastran Basic (linear and nonlinear simulation);
  • Simcenter Nastran Advanced (additional dynamics and nonlinear capabilities);
  • Simcenter 3D: Geometry editing, associative simulation modeling, and multi-discipline solutions for structural, acoustics, flow, thermal, motion and composites systems, as well as optimization and multi-physics simulation;
  • Simcenter Amesim: Mechatronic system simulation that provides virtual access to test and optimize system performance from the earliest development stages; and
  • Simcenter STAR-CCM+: Multidisciplinary simulation platform.

More products in the Simcenter line will be available in the near future.

This deal could take your simulation to another level. The combination of top-notch cloud infrastructure and flexible licensing are what many engineering teams are seeking in their simulation platforms. As CAD models become CAD/CAM/CAE digital twins and complexity increases, this kind of SaaS resource can help Siemens Simcenter customers get the most bang for the buck.

For Rescale, this deal is like winning a grand champion ribbon at the state fair, except the winner is not a cake but a big slice of engineering innovation. We expect Simcenter users to develop new workflows around SaaS simulation availability—processes that can save time and money, and lead to better products.

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