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eInfochips Launches Idea Lab

The company's initiative is designed to help innovators through the design and manufacturing processes.

Product engineering services company eInfochips has launched a program to help innovators turn ideas into commercially available products. The lab will serve as a place for designers to have access to resources and expertise to develop their products and software, according to a company press release.

For product developers, the Idea Lab is looking for technology in the latest silicon, system, product and software design technology. Depending on the specific needs of a design, eInfochips will assist in all or some of the design manufacturing process.

“The medical community includes a large pool of highly experienced doctors with a lot of great product ideas, but with a lack of product design or technology expertise.” said Frank Berry, senior analyst, IT Brand Pulse. “The Idea Lab makes it easy for technologists like this to leverage what it takes to evaluate, design and manufacture a product.”

For more information, visit eInfochips.

Sources: Press materials received from the company and additional information gleaned from the company’s website.

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