EnSight Targets CAD, CAE Postprocessing, Visualization, and Communication

Version 9.0 of EnSight Lite provides enterprises of all sizes analysis postprocessing flexibility.

Version 9.0 of EnSight Lite provides enterprises of all sizes analysis postprocessing flexibility.

By DE Editors

EnSight Targets CAD, CAE Postprocessing, Visualization, and Communication
This EnSight image of a frangible nut courtesy of Christoper Brown, a pyrotechnic engineer, and CEI.

CEI (Computational Engineering International; Apex, NC) has announced EnSight Lite, version 9.0,  the latest release of its visualization product for SMB (small and medium-sized businesses) and large companies looking to maximize their postprocessing investment across the enterprise. Among the improvements in version 9.0 are an easier-to-use interface that is said to cut the time required to reach common features, keyframe animations, and the ability to work with both 32-bit and 64-bit systems. Additionally, the company says that EnSight Lite 9.0 is more affordable and easier to use than early versions.

EnSight Lite is said to be much easier to use than previous versions when exploring data interactively. Compared to earlier versions, it has twice as many functions tied to the computer’s mouse buttons. It now offers part highlighting to show selected parts, and right-click menus preloaded with context-sensitive menus allowing you to postprocess and visualize a model using only your mouse.

EnSight Targets CAD, CAE Postprocessing, Visualization, and Communication
Streamlines of a powertrain cooling airflow in a Corvette Z06. This EnSight image courtesy of Kenneth Karbon and Radhika Cherukuru, General Motors Corporation, and CEI.

Keyframe animations are a way for you to control a virtual camera for movie sequences. It has tools for motion control as well as output options for generating animations for either online presentation or video. All keyframe animation functions are controlled through a Quick Interaction Area, letting users edit animations on the fly.

EnSight Lite reads and writes in a documented and “open” native file format, meaning that your data does not become trapped in a proprietary file format. It interfaces with CEI’s free EnVideo animation player as well as EnLiten, a free 3D geometry viewer enables users to display, manipulate, and analyze complex visualization scenarios generated by EnSight. More standard features in EnSight Lite include a command language for running scripts, macros, and batch operation as well as an assortment of calculator functions for computing new variables.

EnSight Targets CAD, CAE Postprocessing, Visualization, and Communication
A direct interface developed and supported by ADINA R&D enables ADINA-CFD users to import results directly into EnSight for high-end visualizations.

According to CEI, EnSight Lite supports every major CAE solver, among which are Abaqus, LS-Dyna, and RADIOSS. More than 60 interfaces for FEA (finite element analysis), CFD (computational fluid dynamics), structural, crash, dynamics, and hydrocode analysis are available for purchase. CAD reader interfaces include ACIS, CATIA,  Parasolid, NX, PTC Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire, and SolidWorks. (See the links at the end of this write-up for full details on available CAD and CAE support.).

“We are excited to announce these new price and feature points that customers have been asking for. Now that 64-bit laptops and desktops are common, EnSight Lite makes perfect sense for the mainstream engineer, scientist, and researcher,” said Darin McKinnis, vice president of sales and marketing at CEI in a press statement.

EnSight Targets CAD, CAE Postprocessing, Visualization, and Communication
Simulation of the start of a supernova explosion. EnSight image courtesy of John Blondin of the Department of Theoretical Astrophysics at North Carolina State University and CEI.

EnSight Lite version 9.0 runs on 32- and 64-bit Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux machines. Pricing is $1,600 for a standalone commercial license and $400 for approved academic institutions. CAD and CAE CAD interfaces are $1500. EnSight users can download the newest version from the company’s website. Visit CEI for complete details.

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