Video News Roundup: Epic Games’ $100 Million Grant, NVIDIA’s Workstation for Data Science

News from NVIDIA, TechSoft's HOOPS 2019 and Epic Games in this edition of DE's video roundup.

News from NVIDIA, TechSoft's HOOPS 2019 and Epic Games in this edition of DE's video roundup.

At GTC, NVIDIA launches the new Data Scientist Workstation. Image courtesy of NVIDIA.

An Epic Giveaway

At the recent game development conference (GDC), Epic Games, which owns the Unreal Game engine, announces a hefty $100 million grant in its keynote.

The money is “to support game developers, enterprise professionals, media and entertainment creators, students, educators, and tool developers doing amazing things with Unreal Engine,” the company says.

Unreal is one of the two major game engines game developers rely on, the other being Unity. Both game engines are offering pipelines to bring CAD data into their visualization environment for AR-VR viewing.

NVIDIA Buys Interconnect Firm

At the annual GPU Technology Conference (GTC), NVIDIA CEO announced the acquisition of Mellanox, an interconnect provider.

Owning a major player in the interconnect sector is expected to give NVIDIA the ability to design high performance computing and data center products where the GPUs can communicate with one another much more efficiently. This will be an important feature as NVIDIA begins to attract more and more AI developers, autonomous car developers, and data scientists.

NVIDIA Launches Data Scientist Workstation

To attract what the company feels as an emerging market, NVIDIA also announced the new Data Scientist Workstation.

NVIDIA has delivered the reference architecture to its OEM partners. Now it’s up to workstation makers like HP, Dell, Lenovo, Boxx, and others to offer their own flavors of the workstation.

More news from GTC in the GTC show report here.

TechSoft Launches HOOPS 2019

Interoperability and visualization software developer TechSoft announced a new version of its HOOPS suite of SDKs (software developer kits).

The new SDKs include features to address ARVR, additive manufacturing (3D Printing), and mobile applications.

HOOPs makes it possible to view rich CAD data in a lightweight format, so you can, without having a CAD product, view the 3D model in a specific graphics style, view cross-sectioning, explode the assembly, and so on. HOOPs lets you do in in lightweight devices or over the web, straight from a browser.

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