ESI Group Introduces Upcoming Release, ESI IC.IDO 11.1

Upcoming version ESI IC.IDO 11.1 reportedly benefits from NVIDIA VRWorks software development kit (SDK).

ESI Group recently presented its latest virtual reality (VR) developments at the NVIDIA GPU Technology Conference in early May in California’s Silicon Valley.

Working with NVIDIA, ESI has enhanced its VR solution tailored for industrial use. The latest release, ESI IC.IDO 11.1, was developed using aspects of the NVIDIA VRWorks SDK (software development kit). This past release featured an NVIDIA Quadro-enabled rendering framework, making it compatible with consumer and enterprise head-mounted displays (HMDs).

Benefiting from VRWorks integration, ESI IC.IDO 11.1 offers geometry-to-VR engineering solutions through support of VR-SLI (virtual reality-scalable link interface), the NVIDIA Pascal GPU architecture, and single-pass stereo—together providing performance for the immersive exploration of complex geometry. Behaviors such as solid mechanics, collision detection and elastic and kinematic physics are simulated in real time for interactive exploration of complete digital prototypes and human-centric processes.

Other significant improvements in ESI IC.IDO 11.1 include additional collaborative modes, increased performance and a natural interaction mode in VR with simulated hands, forearms and upper arms, controlled by handheld devices that leave the user unencumbered by complex tracking requirements.

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Sources: Press materials received from the company.

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