ESTECO’s VOLTA and modeFRONTIER Releases Available

ESTECO's new versions of modeFRONTIER and VOLTA feature faster optimization and improved usability, company reports.

ESTECO releases the latest versions of its VOLTA and modeFRONTIER platforms.

modeFRONTIER now facilitates your work with a new way of using algorithms, the company reports.

As of this release, users will be able to choose among Manual, Self-initializing and Autonomous algorithms for an optimization strategy.

Now, users will have the option to enter a time limit in the Scheduler Run and any designs in progress will terminate accordingly before closing the session.

VOLTA has anew licensing scheme. It now includes new licensing options based on Access Levels. In this release, there is a new access level:  Simulation User, which is targeted to people who run the processes created by domain experts. Now users can choose from three licensing options, Full User – for full capacity on the system, Light User – to experience visualization and Simulation User, and choose what works best for your company.

The communication system between the two platforms has been enhanced, according to ESTECO, so users can now directly use a modeFRONTIER project to update its counterpart in VOLTA. modeFRONTIER can now recognize that a project in VOLTA and a locally saved project opened in modeFRONTIER are the same.

VOLTA UI updated the Navigation pane now slimmer and darker and improved findability by including the module in the Header and introducing a page header that lets users know their location in VOLTA at all times.

ESTECO has shortened the application startup time of modeFRONTIER as well as introduced the Report, a tool to record any unexpected behavior of the software to get feedback quickly.

With the new metadata templates users can provide a precise structure to a company’s data, ensuring uniformity and facilitating advanced searches. The templates allow users to create a logical grouping of metadata options that help users to classify VOLTA items.

The new Advanced Search feature lets users refine the search so that users bring up the exact data needed. Users can narrow down a search based on metadata templates they have assigned to items.

As of this release, RomaxDESIGNER and SC/Tetra are added to the list of modeFRONTIER direct nodes. VOLTA now supports Oracle Database and MariaDB database servers.

For more info, visit ESTECO.

Sources: Press materials received from the company.

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