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We are optimizing HPC, pursuing a vision to expand the frontiers of knowledge, science and technology.
Ed Turkel, HPC strategist, Dell EMC Ed Turkel, HPC strategist, Dell EMC

By Ed Turkel, HPC strategist, Dell EMC

Every day, more people in industry, research, government and education use high performance computing to make innovations and discoveries that change our world in astonishing ways. Because of HPC, we can predict dangerous weather patterns and save lives through early warning systems and accelerated disaster response. We can develop advanced analytics solutions to promote cybersecurity. We can design and manage a new generation of robots to work along-side humans, and go where no human can safely go. We can even use increasing resolution of engineering simulations to help create vehicles that are safer, quieter and more efficient.

In this inaugural issue of HPC Leading Edge, you will read about some of the ways Dell EMC is helping to facilitate this journey.

We are optimizing HPC, pursuing a vision to expand the frontiers of knowledge, science and technology by enabling organizations to use HPC solutions to make more innovations and discoveries than any other HPC systems vendor in the world. Dell EMC understands that HPC solutions are dependent on the target workload and use case, and we take the time to design optimized systems that get you to results faster. This solution-level approach to HPC provides an optimal portfolio of workstations, servers, networking, storage, data center options and software, rounded out with the services, support and financing you need to deliver breakthroughs faster. In fact, we’re the only company in the world with an end-to-end HPC solution portfolio.

HPC used to be the domain of specialists using expensive, proprietary equipment. Now, together with technology partners like Intel, CoolIT and Atos Bull, we are optimizing high performance computing to maximize utilization for applications that range from machine learning to collaborative robots to engine part wear. All of which helps today’s visionary scientists and researchers do what they do best — transform the world.

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