FATHOM’s SLS Production Increases 650% in Capacity

With FATHOM's recent announcement of its acquisition by CORE Industrial Partners, FATHOM will continue to expand its capabilities and provide industry-leading solutions for additive manufacturing.

With FATHOM's recent announcement of its acquisition by CORE Industrial Partners, FATHOM will continue to expand its capabilities and provide industry-leading solutions for additive manufacturing.

The development will bring together FATHOM and Midwest Composite Technologies (MCT), acquired by CORE in 2018, marking a dramatic jump forward in scale.

One of the most exciting developments from this merger is the expanded Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) capability. Overall production capacity has grown by a staggering 650%. This increased production capacity will allow for larger projects and faster delivery times for parts large and small.

The strength and flexibility of the SLS nylon materials enables customers to create complex geometric parts that meet high durability requirements.

Not only has the bandwidth for production increased but so have the available materials. Previously most parts build by FATHOM in SLS were made using PA12.

Now FATHOM runs PA 12, PA12 with glass bead, PA 11, PA 11 with glass bead, and PA 11 with fire retardant as standard materials—soon offering carbon-filled nylon options. These materials open more production applications. Additive can be a cost-effective and fast solution for every industry, and added material available will make it even truer.

Another exciting development in this SLS capability expansion is the addition of large format SLS printers. MCT brings a fleet of large format SLS printers that not only add to the overall bandwidth growth but also adds the ability to make much larger solid parts.

SLS is a great solution for parts of any size, but in the case of larger parts, the typical approach is to cut the part in the buildable sections and bond them after they are built. With larger format machines this becomes less necessary. This not only improves the overall aesthetics but also maintains the highest dimensional accuracy and mechanical strength.  

Additive manufacturing continues to rewrite the landscape of manufacturing, and FATHOM is staying at the cutting edge of those changes. With the expanded capability and capacity, FATHOM becomes one of the largest providers of powder-based polymer production.

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