French Soccer Player Rendered in Resin

Massivit 3D and Sartomer have produced a life-sized printed model of French Women’s World Cup participant Gaetane Thiney.

Massivit 3D and Sartomer created a life-sized printed model of soccer player Gaetane Thiney. Image courtesy of Massivit 3D

The players participating in the FIFA Women’s World Cup in France could hardly be accused of standing still—this year’s tournament is widely considered to be one of the most competitive in the event’s history. One player, however, pause long enough to be rendered as a 3D printed model.

Printer company Massivit 3D and resin manufacturer Sartomer have produced what they claim is the first life-sized, 3D-printed model of a professional female soccer player. The companies created a digital scan of midfielder Gaetane Thiney (who is sponsored by Sartomer’s parent company, Arkema), and service bureau Deko 3D by Sépia printed the model on a Massivit 1800 gel dispensing printer. The Dimengel materials used for the model are based on Sartomer’s N3xtDimension performance UV-curable liquid resins.

The 1.7-meter tall model was printed in 11 hours.

“We are excited about our evolving collaboration with Sartomer,” says Amir Veresh, vice president of business development and marketing at Massivit 3D. “We are adamant that, by leveraging Sartomer’s inherent capabilities and rich know-how, Massivit 3D will be able to further deliver new materials to the market with a significantly faster lead time, introduce fresh applications, and enter new verticals.”

Massivit 3D and Sartomer have been working together since 2013. Massivit 3D has developed a proprietary Gel Dispensing Printing (GDP) technology that allows for large, lightweight and hollow models that can be up to six feet tall, and that are primarily targeted at advertising and marketing applications. You can see a video of the process here.

The 3D model of Thiney was printed by Deko usin ga Massivit 1800 gel dispensing printer and Dimengel materials. Image courtesy of Massivit 3D

“Sartomer has been providing tailored support to Massivit 3D through its unique, advanced N3xtDimension range of liquid resins, delivering exceptional freedom of performance design. We support industry innovation at our 3D Printing Center of Excellence where experts create cutting-edge, UV-curable 3D printing resins for ourN3xtDimension range through research and development,” says Sumeet Jain, global business director for 3D Printing at Sartomer.

“This partnership with Massivit 3D illustrates Arkema’s commitment—via its commercial platform 3D printing solutions by Arkema—to develop a close and strategic cooperation with global key players in order to unlock additive manufacturing industrial capabilities,” says Guillaume de Crevoisier, global business director at 3D Printing Solutions by Arkema. “Led by our flagship brands, including N3xtDimension liquid resins, Rilsan biosourced polyamide 11, and ultra-high-performance Kepstan PEKK polymer, 3D Printing Solutions by Arkema brings to our partners and customers the best of our advanced and innovative materials as well as our proven expertise for all major 3D manufacturing technologies.”

While France was knocked out of the tournament by the United States in the quarterfinal, Thiney played a key role in the French national team’s offense throughout their five matches.

Source: Massivit 3D

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