Fueling Innovation with HPC Systems

HPC enables companies to get better at what they do best.

By Thierry Pellegrino

Across the wide range of the energy industry, high-performance computing (HPC) is fueling innovation and discovery. Oil and gas companies now count on HPC clusters to churn through massive amounts of data to help them simulate substrata and subsea conditions in the search for oil and gas resources. The wind energy industry relies on HPC systems to simulate the performance of wind turbines and to determine the best locations for them. Solar farm operators use HPC systems for real-time load balancing to increase energy outputs.

The same is true in the transportation industry. Automobile designers and software developers use HPC to simulate the performance and reliability of advanced driver assist systems and autonomous driving technologies. Manufacturers put HPC to work to optimize the design of cars and trucks to improve fuel efficiency and vehicle safety.

These are just a few examples of the countless ways in which HPC systems are helping energy and transportation companies get better at the things they do best. You will find more examples in this issue of HPC Leading Edge, which explores some compelling use cases for HPC in energy and transportation.

You will also find stories on the way companies in other verticals are capitalizing on HPC clusters to take their products to a new level. For example, you can read about how OTTO Motors uses HPC to develop self-driving vehicles that move goods across the floors of industrial facilities, and how Caterpillar uses HPC on the backend of the systems for its autonomous mining program.

At Dell EMC, we’re excited to see companies like these using HPC to drive innovation and discovery. We invest heavily in the development and optimization of HPC systems, and the greatest payoff for those investments comes when we see our customers doing great things with HPC.

Thierry Pellegrino is vice president, Business Strategy & HPC Solutions, Server & Infrastructure Systems, at Dell EMC.

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