GENESYS 6.0 Systems Engineering Software Now Available

This systems engineering software release adds capabilities such as: the ability to rename entities during duplication and transformation; more flexibility when filtering entity lists; and additional options for handling entities when deleting folders.

GENESYS 6.0 systems engineering software from Vitech includes a range of new capabilities and refinements throughout the integrated systems engineering environment. This release adds capabilities such as:

  • the ability to rename entities during duplication and transformation;
  • more flexibility when filtering entity lists; and
  • additional options for handling entities when deleting folders.

To ease the interface with the Office environment, GENESYS 6.0 provides native connectors embedded within Excel, PowerPoint and Project. These connectors allow Office users to log into GENESYS directly from Office and connect to the information of interest. GENESYS now provides a bidirectional interface to Excel, allowing data to be loaded directly into Excel; no configuration or data exchange files required. The PowerPoint Connector provides a seamless interface for developing presentation materials by transferring system representations directly from the GENESYS repository.

A native plug-in that extends Project, the Project Connector allows project managers (and others working in Project) to extract program management information from the GENESYS systems engineering environment directly into Project.

Vitech Genesys software update. Image courtesy of Vitech. Vitech Genesys software update. Image courtesy of Vitech.

Open Services for Lifecycle Collaboration (OSLC) is an open community focusing on developing specifications and standards to connect Application Lifecycle Management (ALM), Product Lifecycle Management (PLM), IT operations and more.

The MATLAB Connector demonstrates the value of interfacing the descriptive architectural model (GENESYS) and analytics (in MATLAB).

With the same drag-drop ease of connecting one entity to another, users can now drag an entity from one project onto an entity in another project to relate them together.

GENESYS 6.0 brings three new views to help enrich communication across the comprehensive engineering team.

Bridging the gap between systems and software engineering, the class diagram displays the static structure and composition of a system. The Constraint Block Definition Diagram is similar to the structure BDD and classification BDD. Rather than composition or classification, the constraint BDD shows the ConstraintDefinitions (constraint expression) used to constrain the subject entity (component) of the system. The parametric diagram expresses a set of constraints that determine the values that are valid in a system that is operating nominally. Part of the magic of the GENESYS sequence diagram is that it is automatically computed from the structure of the underlying model. The IDEF0 diagram provides a representation of processes and system behavior with visual diagnostics.

The document parser accelerates the initial requirements phase by parsing electronic documents into GENESYS in seconds, allowing the engineer to be more efficient. The parser is essential to organizations transitioning from a document-centric to model-centric approach, providing relationships from the source information to the engineering data. Using the parser, you can open any traditional document format – .DOC, .DOCX, .HTM, .HTML, .RTF, .TXT – natively in GENESYS and then control how the information is parsed into your project repository.

The GENESYS model assistant moves beyond simple data capture to analytic assistance. The model assistant helps the engineer avoid certain classes of errors (i.e., getting allocation out of sync) while streamlining operations.

GENESYS delivers an integrated set of representations for users to leverage in developing, analyzing and communicating their system design. TeamView allows project teams to deliver a full hyperlinked representation of the design – generated with push-button ease directly from the project repository.

GENESYS 6.0 introduces the ability to track all modifications of the project data at the entity level. Once enabled, audit logging maintains a textual log of all data changes, along with the timestamp and the responsible user.

For more info, visit Vitech.

Sources: Press materials received from the company.

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