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ANSYS says that the new version of its ANSYS Fluent 17.0 CFD (computational fluid dynamics) software makes it easier than ever to get well-validated results.

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ANSYS just announced version 17.0 of its portfolio of engineering simulation solutions. As always with ANSYS, this release offers tons of enhancements in most application areas — structures, fluids, electromagnetics, systems and so on. The general take is that ANSYS 17.0 provides huge productivity and performance improvements. Version 17.0 gives ANSYS Fluent CFD (computational fluid dynamics) software a lot of attention. Today’s Check it Out link gives you the opportunity to see for yourself.

The short of it is that the upcoming “Get Better, Faster CFD Results with ANSYS Fluent” webinar provides you an overview of the key enhancements in ANSYS 17.0. Two live sessions are scheduled for February 25th, and ANSYS always promptly makes webinars on-demand for those of you who can’t make the live sessions.

What’s to see? Well, ANSYS Fluent has returned highly accurate results for years now. It’s safe to call it one of the genre’s gold standards. Still, if engineers – especially designers newly charged with CFD duties — had any gripes about Fluent, it was that you had to be CFD savvy to wield it well and that preparing models was a repetitious manual affair.

ANSYS Fluent 17.0 appears to take great strides to address this issue while remaining efficient and familiar to experienced users. One key is a new user experience intended to make Fluent and Fluent meshing easy to use by new, infrequent and experienced users alike. Here, a new ribbon-style toolbar provides in-context tools and drop down menus, making navigation faster and reducing mouse clicks. ANSYS says that you can complete workflows with up to 12% fewer clicks and that pre-processing times for complex geometries could shrink by up to 40% or even 80%.

ANSYS Fluent also appears to deliver major enhancements in performance that can reduce solution times from multiple days to hours. One example: Fluent 17.0 required just a half-day to process a wind turbine’s complex geometry of 46 million cells and 10 layers.

ANSYS 17.0 ANSYS Fluent 17.0 debuts a new workflow that is designed to be easily learned by new or infrequent users while remaining efficient, powerful and familiar to experienced users. Image courtesy of ANSYS Inc.

That’s the terrain of the “Get Better, Faster CFD Results with ANSYS Fluent” webinar. For old Fluent hands, the webinar will show off many of Fluent 17.0’s new tools. Additionally, a guest speaker will discuss how his team has been using ANSYS Fluent simulation parametric studies to optimize the performance and reduce the cost of a new hot mix asphalt burner design. So hit today’s Check it Out link and put this webinar on your calendar.

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Register for “Get Better, Faster CFD Results with ANSYS Fluent” here.

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