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GigeNET Debuts High-Speed Turbo IO SAN

Secure Area Network prioritizes data and stores it on solid-state drives.

GigeNET has unveiled its latest generation of storage area network (SAN) technology. SAN technology prioritizes data based on frequency of use and places the data on solid-state drives.

With this new SAN, the latest iteration of GigeNET’s Cloud solution uses high-speed SAS drives, which are nearly 3 times faster than SATA drives, the company states.

GigeNET Cloud customers can configure hosting environment aspects such as bandwith, add/remove virtual machines and upgrade storage and memory.

“Today’s on-demand world requires speed, reliability, and flexibility,” said Ameen Pishdadi, president and CTO of GigeNET. “Our mission is to provide customers with the tools and support they need to offload their IT requirements so that they can focus on growing their business and boosting their bottom line. Our SAN platform delivers just that at affordable prices.”

For more information, visit GigeNET.

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