Hexagon Manufacturing Releases New Compact Probes

They are designed for CMM tactile scanning.

Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence has released a new series of HP-S-Z1 compact probes for CMM (coordinate measurement machine) tactile scanning.

According to Hexagon, the HP-S-X1 range of tactile scanning probes includes the HP-S-X1C centrally-mounted version for high-stability in measurement. The HP-S-X1S and HP-S-X1H models offer the option to use an indexing probe head for better part accessibility. In the latest versions, the HP-S-X1C and HP-S-X1H models accept horizontal styli of up to 100 mm, while the HP-S-X1S can now take horizontal styli of up to 20 mm without changing modules. A standard interface allows all the probes to be used on Hexagon probe heads.

“The new HP-S-X1 scanning probe series has been redesigned for greater durability and improved setup flexibility without the need to change modules,” explains Ryan Toole, Product Manager, Stationary Solutions, Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence. “Usually you would need a multiple-module system to get this range of stylus configuration options. With the HP-S-X1 series, users save the time it takes to change modules, and they can always apply the best configuration for the job, without compromise.”

For more information, visit Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence.

Sources: Press materials received from the company and additional information gleaned from the company’s website.

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