HP Introduces Workstation for Machine Learning Development

HP's new optimized machine learning performance configurations for HP Z8 and HP Z4 Workstations include the NVIDIA Quadro GV100, with 32 GB HBM2 memory and Tensor Cores to accelerate AI.

HP unveiled a set of machine learning (ML) solutions, including the HP Z8, a workstation for ML development. HP Z Workstations, with new NVIDIA technology, work for local processing at the edge of the network. The use of workstations for machine learning development can help enable automation of workflows in areas such as facial identification, sentiment analysis, fraud detection and predictive analytics.

“We’re on the cusp of a new era of innovation powered by machine learning technology that enables customers to analyze, predict and problem solve in ways never thought possible. Artificial intelligence will transform workflows and empower end users to make smarter decisions, more quickly, than ever before,” says Xavier Garcia, vice president and general manager, HP Z Workstations, HP Inc.

The HP ML Developers Portal now provides tools, such as HP curated software stacks, as well as support for NVIDIA GPU Cloud.

In addition to enhancing productivity in commercial industries, machine learning is also impacting creative professionals, enabling them to offer uniquely enhanced experiences to their customers.

The security features of HP Z Workstations is another plus for developers who want the protection of IP and private data. Users can protect against the evolving malware threats with self-healing, hardware-enforced and manageable security solutions. Finally,  HP is extending its Device as a Service (DaaS) offering to ML solutions. HP DaaS is a modern, multi-OS service model that simplifies how commercial organizations equip users with the right hardware, support and lifecycle services to get the job done.

For more info, visit HP.

Sources: Press materials received from the company.

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