HP Z 3D Camera Empowers Visual Design Experiences for Digital Creatives

HP offers the HP Z 3D Camera to help reinvent creative workflows and spark spontaneous real-time sharing of documents and physical work product. Designed for 3D designers, and digital fine artists, the HP Z 3D Camera extends immersive experiences available with the Sprout Pro G2 to an accessory that easily attaches to a computer display to capture and digitize 3D objects, 2D documents and live video.

The HP Z 3D Camera allows for more immediate remote live sharing by bringing into view the desk, hands, etc. to complement screen sharing, text and the webcam.

“HP Z 3D Camera helps speed up modeling, reinvent the creative palette and protect the artistic point of view as more people enter the profession and workflows become increasingly automated,” says Louis Kim, global head of Immersive Computing, Personal Systems, HP Inc.

The HP Z 3D Camera’s design minimizes desktop space for real-time capture and visualization. It creates life-like digital images by rotating an object with the user’s hands or positioning under the camera–SLAM (simultaneous localization and mapping) tracking and scanning technology constructs the 3D model in real time. Workflows are enhanced by scanning objects with computer-graphics-friendly resolutions that maintain separate texture maps for physical-based rendering (PBR) and AR, VR and mixed reality content creation.

Key Product Highlights

  1. HP Z 3D Camera brings a zero-footprint form factor; users can attach it to the back of a monitor with its magnetic badge.
  2. HP hardware and software innovation allow users to create realistic 3D digital images from real objects. HP scanning technology constructs a 3D model in real time, supplying users with high-resolution images and textures for 3D applications.
  3. Scans objects with computer-graphics-friendly resolutions that maintain separate texture maps for VR/AR/MR applications.
  4. Share captures or live videos of notes and sketches directly from the desktop.

HP  Z  3D  Camera  easily  exports  models  to  PowerPoint  3D,  Paint 3D  and  Mixed  Reality  Viewer,  making 3D capture available to anybody that is using Windows 10. Additionally, Adobe recently announced its Dimension Tool, a 3D tool for 2D users bringing captures into a 2D workflow to make images and control things like lighting, scale and texture all within the Adobe Suite.

HP Z 3D Camera is scheduled for U.S.-only availability in March for $599.

For more info, visit HP.

Sources: Press materials received from the company.

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