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igus i.Sense EC.B Cable Sensor for e-chains Allows For Greater Long Distance Safety

igus®, has introduced the i.Sense EC.B – a smart condition monitoring system for breakage detection on e-chain® cable carriers over 35 meters. In the case of a break, the i.Sense EC.B system will immediately trigger a signal making it possible to react and

igus®, has introduced the i.Sense EC.B – a smart condition monitoring system for breakage detection on e-chain® cable carriers over 35 meters. In the case of a break, the i.Sense EC.B system will immediately trigger a signal making it possible to react and avoid consequential damage or complete failure.

Two for one: Condition monitoring for chain lengths of over 35 meters is now possible with just one sensor.

Heavy Loads, High Speeds, and the Most Adverse Environmental Conditions

Whether snow, ice, dirt, foreign objects, or a bent trough, a wide variety of external influences can cause even the most robust and durable energy chain to break during operation. Cable carriers often have to withstand heavy loads, and secure cable routing poses a challenge in the case of extended travel distances, particularly in the case of large crane systems. In order to avoid unplanned downtimes and high downtime costs, motion plastics specialist igus offers users the proven i.Sense EC.B system for e-chain condition monitoring.

The measuring range extension from 80 to 999 millimeters eliminates the need for a second sensor on the fixed point side. In addition, the longer measuring distance offers better precision on long distances. In the event of breakage detection, the sensor immediately triggers a message, and the evaluation module sends a signal to the system’s control unit.

Additionally, two sensors can also be connected to the new i.Sense modul II evaluation module for counter-rotating systems as an example. When connected to the digital I/O ports of the control unit, the system can trigger an immediate stop signal. The new draw-wire sensor is compatible with all EC.B systems and i.Sense modules. The sensor can also be integrated into other IIoT concepts.

Weather and Wear Resistance

The i.Sense system from igus has already proven itself in other industries such as automotive. But in the light of challenges brought by Industry 4.0, the demands for machines and monitoring systems are increasing. In the case of crane systems, industrial cranes are working increasingly faster while at the same time traveling longer and longer distances. This makes a robust and durable energy supply system all the more critical.

Richard Habering, head of the smart plastics business unit at igus:

“Crane operators should now also benefit from the positive experience gained in the automotive industry with the i.Sense EC.B system. For safe and failure-free travel of many heavy cables in adverse environmental conditions, real-time condition detection along the entire travel path offers immense added value for port or crane operators.”

In addition to the longer measuring distance, the new draw-wire sensor is characterized above all by its extreme weather resistance and robustness, which makes it particularly interesting for outdoor applications. Especially in fully automated crane systems, the risk of unexpected system downtime increases. This is because there is no operator within earshot of possible warning signals. For optimal protection against unplanned downtime, crane operators can rely on the reliable i.Sense EC.B monitoring system.

More Safety, Less Cost

With the installation of the smart system from igus, customers have complete control, overview, and safety regarding energy supply. This allows both the maximum service life of the cable carrier and the service life of a machine to be extended. With the help of ongoing test series in the industry’s largest test laboratory for dynamic energy transfer systems, igus is also working on continually optimizing the durability of its motion plastics products.

Early warnings of system failures through the use of the i.Sense EC.B system also helps to reduce costs significantly. On the one hand, users benefit from lower acquisition costs, as only one sensor is needed for real-time condition monitoring for chain lengths of 35 meters or more. On the other hand, they can also save on maintenance costs. Instead of servicing their systems at regular intervals, companies can rely on condition-based maintenance and thus avoid unnecessary or premature chain replacement.

To learn more about more about intelligent solutions for condition monitoring and predictive maintenance from igus, click here:

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