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IIC Debuts Smart Factory Machine Learning Testbed

Plethora IIoT and Xilinx lead IIC testbed is generated to accelerate machine learning for predictive maintenance in high-volume manufacturing, according to the company.

The Industrial Internet Consortium has established the Smart Factory Machine Learning for Predictive Maintenance Testbed.  The testbed is led by two companies, Plethora IIoT, a company designing and developing answers for Industry 4.0, and Xilinx, provider of All Programmable technology.

This testbed explores machine-learning techniques and evaluates algorithmic approaches for predictive maintenance.

“The smart factory of the future will require advanced analytics, like those this testbed aims to provide, to identify system degradation before system failure. This type of machine learning and predictive maintenance could extend beyond the manufacturing floor to have a broader impact to other industrial applications,” says IIC Executive Director Dr. Richard Mark Soley.

“Being able to predict system degradation before failure has a strong positive impact on machine availability: increasing productivity and decreasing downtime, breakdowns and maintenance costs,” says Plethora IIoT Team Leader Javier Diaz.  “This is a unique opportunity to test together machine learning technologies with those involved in the testbed at different development levels starting from the lab through production environments, where a real deployment solution is utilized.”

”Xilinx is committed to providing the Industrial IoT industry with our latest All Programmable SoC and MPSoC platforms – ideal for sensor fusion, real-time, high-performance processing, and machine learning from the edge to the cloud,” says Dan Isaacs, director of corporate strategic marketing and market development for IIoT and machine learning at Xilinx.

Additional IIC member companies participating in this testbed are Bosch, Microsoft, National Instruments, RTI, System View, GlobalSign, Aicas, Thingswise, Titanium Industrial Security and iVeia. They provide technologies to enable the Smart Factory Machine Learning testbed, including factory automation; OT and IT security; edge to cloud machine learning and analytics; time-sensitive networking (TSN); data acquisition; smart sensor technology; design implementation; embedded programmable SoC technology and secure authentication.

For more info, visit the Industrial Internet Consortium, Plethora IIoT and Xilinx.

Sources: Press materials received from the company.

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