IntelliCAD Technology Consortium Releases IntelliCAD 10.1

IntelliCAD 10.1 is a major release that includes significant performance improvements and new features.

IntelliCAD 10.1 is a major release that includes significant performance improvements and new features.

IntelliCAD 10.1 is a major release that includes performance improvements and new features. Image courtesy of IntelliCAD Technology Consortium.

The IntelliCAD Technology Consortium (ITC) has released IntelliCAD 10.1. IntelliCAD 10.1 is a major release that includes performance improvements and new features. IntelliCAD 10.1 is faster when selecting entities and two times faster for grip editing, grip displaying, entity snapping and drawing regenerating.

New features include the ability to insert and work with geographic maps, restore default program settings from the operating system Start menu, create and edit tables and table styles, create and edit sheet sets, insert dynamic blocks, import .pdf files with more advanced options, import point data from .csv and .txt files, and import map files (.shp, .sdf, .sqlite files). Also included is integration with 3Dconnexion input devices for streamlining the CAD drawing experience.

More features that have an efficiency boost for end users are smooth view transitions, entity cloning, dimension breaking, quick groups, advanced grips for blocks and groups, the Layer Previous command, the ability to turn off entity movement when clicking and dragging the mouse, and the ability to restore a layer state to the current viewport, all viewports, all layouts and viewports, or the Model tab. Additionally, the new Rectangular Array, Polar Array, Path Array and Edit Array commands provide more functionality for arraying entities than in previous releases.

For versions of IntelliCAD that work with BIM files, import Autodesk Revit 2021 files, specify AEC drawing units, convert an existing entity to a beam path, and determine the smoothness (level of detail) of curves in BIM underlays created from .rvt files.

For versions of IntelliCAD that open, save and edit .dgn files in their native format, open and regenerate files using multi-threading, use multi-model support, cross-reference external references from one model to another, use DGN global origin, create .dgn drawings using new 2D file templates, create 2D objects in 2D models, and open and save external color tables (.tbl files). The supported command set also now includes Layout, Spell, Find, Clip Xref, Purge and -Purge, and Edit Attribute commands. 

For technical users, IntelliCAD 10.1 incorporates ODA SDKs version 2021.11, .NET version 4.8, and an initial implementation of CAcUiDialog.

Other improvements and fixes are found throughout the product in editing and selecting entities, layers, text, the user interface and more.

“This version is fantastic, in all drawings there is a noticeable improvement in zoom and pan,” says Damiano Croci, COO of ProgeSoft. “We will now be competitive with Autodesk AutoCAD and other CADs.” 

“Our members asked for a faster CAD engine, and that’s what IntelliCAD 10.1 delivers,” says David Lorenzo, ITC president. “Our new performance benchmark is exceptionally competitive, while at the same time our open CAD platform continues its non-compete guarantee to ITC members, meaning that we never move into vertical markets. We can’t wait for consumers to experience our members’ products based on IntelliCAD 10.1.”

IntelliCAD 10.1 is supported on Microsoft Windows 10, Windows 8 and Windows 7 64-bit versions. IntelliCAD Mobile Viewer versions are available for Windows desktop, Google Android, Apple macOS and iOS.

Interested IntelliCAD users can contact ITC members to receive details about availability of IntelliCAD software.

Companies interested in more details about IntelliCAD and membership in the ITC should contact the ITC directly. For information about IntelliCAD 10.1, visit For more information about IntelliCAD and the ITC, including case studies, visit

Sources: Press materials received from the company and additional information gleaned from the company’s website.

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