INUS Technology and Benteler Announce Cooperative Inspection System

At half a million points per second, the solution is shape-based and automates inspection.

At half a million points per second, the solution is shape-based and automates inspection.

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INUS Technology (Seoul, South Korea) and Benteler Maschinenbau GmbH(Paderborn, Germany) have joined forces to provide a shape-basedinspection solution for both the automotive and non-automotive markets.This turnkey solution bundles INUS Technology’s RapidformXOVerifier(XOV) with the BentelerLaserGauge.

According to a press release, the laser gauge’s output of more than500,000 pps and Rapidform’s feature-recognition expertise will resultin an inline, 10 parts-per-minute, million-parts-per-year productionyield. During this age of 100 percent automated inspection, contactprobing is simply not fast enough; and automated, 3D scanning with anintelligent analysis software is the only feasible solution.

Manufacturers in various industries are expected to benefit from theautomated processes and immediate feedback available in theBentelerLaserGauge as it is graphically represented in XOV. Where othersolutions are limited to individual characteristics, this combinationautomatically identifies, qualifies, and reports complete geometriessuch as slots, holes, profiles, and contours. Reports can be generatedper feature, per part, or per run for statistical analysis and processcontrol.

“This machine had originally been developed for Benteler internal use,“says Dr. Klasfauseweh, CEO of Benteler Maschinenbau. “Although weevaluated all the software packages, only Rapidform was capable ofhandling the extreme data throughput….”

The BentelerLaserGauge consists of 10 laser scanners from 3D AllianceTechnology mounted in a bridge over a granite block. At a scan speed ofmore than 500,000 pps, the gauge is accurate to better than 80µm(.00315 in.) in inline, high-speed mode. The system also automates thedigitizing of complete parts in short cycle times, detects completegeometry instead of singular characteristics, and reduces investmentand required floor space.

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Sources: Press materials received from the company. Additional information gleaned from the company’s website.

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