ITI Introduces CAD to Multi-Body Systems Interface for Creo

CAD interface designed for SimulationX software.

CAD interface designed for SimulationX software.

By DE Editors

ITI has announced the availability of a new CAD interface for its simulation software, SimulationX. The assembly import for PTC’s Creo Elements/Pro software facilitates the automatic import of an assembly.

The ability of the new CAD interface to keep the structure of the assembly and to import the dependencies between the elements in the assembly permits the import of complete kinematic chains, according to ITI.

At the beginning of the development process, a new technical product is usually designed in PLM/CAD systems. Once the design process is finished, the original CAD data is then used for the dynamic simulation of the system to analyze system behavior or to find out, for instance, potential weak points. Previously, this data had to be transferred to external CAE software manually, which could be a time-consuming, error-prone process as the accuracy of the calculated inertia data from STL definitions was limited.

The new SimulationX CAD-interface automates this process. The CAD import of the SimulationX completes the new multi-body systems (MBS) modeling environment of SimulationX release 3.5 that upgrades visualization and handling of mechanical models. Elementary data of Creo Elements/Pro assemblies such as CAD geometry, mass, center of mass, position data, and inertia tensor can be exported for any set of selected parts, thus providing most of the parameters needed for dynamic simulation. However, the main benefit comes from the dependency handling. The SimulationX import tool exploits the structural information inherent in Creo Elements/Pro assemblies to be imported.

“The new SimulationX interface to Creo Elements/Pro offers SimulationX customers using Creo Elements/Pro the benefits of Creo’s leading edge design environment. On the other hand, Creo users can now easily integrate their mechanical and kinematic assemblies into the multi-physics SimulationX model for detailed dynamics investigation and optimization,” says Dr. Andreas Uhlig, ITI managing director.

For more information, visit ITI Group.

Sources: Press materials received from the company and additional information gleaned from the company’s website.

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