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The use of simulation earlier and more often during the design cycle continues to expand.

The use of simulation earlier and more often during the design cycle continues to expand.

Although the world has looked very different in many ways over the past year and a half, and many traditional activities have been on hold for what seems like a lifetime, one thing has not slowed down: the rapid pace of innovation in the engineering sector in general, and in the simulation space in particular.


The use of simulation earlier and more often during the design cycle continues to expand. Simulation software providers continue to increase the features and functions in their products, and to offer new types of licensing arrangements to make them easier to use. New cloud-based simulation products have increased the democratization of simulation. Disruptive technologies like electric vehicles, autonomous aircraft, robotic manufacturing, and sustainability innovations require greater use of simulation than ever before.

That is why I have been looking forward to the launch of our second online Conference on Advancing Analysis & Simulation in Engineering (CAASE21) event, which Digital Engineering and our partners at NAFEMS Americas will present on June 16. 

The first CAASE was a live event in 2018, followed by a successful online conference in 2019. The COVID-19 pandemic forced a switch from a live to a virtual CAASE20 event last year. Although a return to in-person conferences is still a ways off for most of us, the upcoming online CAASE21 conference will give us all a chance to reconvene and catch up on the latest advancements in simulation, design and additive manufacturing technology.

In conjunction with NAFEMS Americas, we have put together a one-day program with presentations on the use of simulation for developing autonomous driving systems, methods of validating simulation results, additive manufacturing standardization and digital twin innovations. You can learn more and register for the conference at the CAASE21 website. You can also check our preview coverage on page 8.

To provide further insights into the leading edge of simulation technology, we have put together a lineup of stories that will help engineers navigate this rapidly evolving landscape. Jim Romeo takes a look at the use of artificial intelligence and machine learning in simulation and manufacturing, while Senior Editor Kenneth Wong investigates test-based validation for simulation results. 

The End of the Tunnel

Last summer at this time, I was adjusting to a work (from home) environment and the thought of a highly restricted list of summer activities. 

In-person industry events may be back at some point this summer or fall, but so far AMUG has been the only major conference to welcome back attendees. Since last June, we have made multiple visits to the kitchen of NVIDIA CEO Jensen Huang, who has made a point of welcoming virtual guests to the NVIDIA GTC conference series from his home. I am still not sure when I will get to see our readers in person, but I am hopeful it will be soon.

While the pandemic continues to wax and wane (sometimes dramatically) around the globe, there are signs that increased vaccinations and basic virology may finally bring this slow-rolling tragedy to a close.

My own children are back to playing (safely distanced) soccer and baseball. The economy is tentatively reawakening alongside the spring flowers here in the U.S. Many of our readers are returning to their offices, or navigating a new mix of remote and in-person work.

I remain amazed at how well and how quickly the people in our industry (both our readers and technology vendors alike) responded to the challenges of 2020. Across the board, we saw you all rising to the occasion, both to make the remote work transition as successfully and seamlessly as possible, and to use your own know-how and technologies to try and help others in need. 

I look forward to interacting with you (virtually) at CAASE21.

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