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Static PDF files are, well, static. It was terrific when Adobe came up with interactive 3D PDFs. But 3D PDFs put the onus on people to generate them, which, if it happens, is on a slow onesie-twosie basis. That’s why 3D PDF isn’t your universal communication and collaboration platform. Yet. Today’s Check it Out link takes you to a Web resource that shows you how 3D PDF can become the design engineering enterprise’s communications and collaboration backbone.

PROSTEP’s PDF Generator 3D is a set of modules to make 3D PDFs ubiquitous. A server-based solution, it can create automatic workflows that build intelligent 3D PDFs from 2D drawings, 3D CAD models, analysis data, bills of materials (BOM), work orders and so on. Documents can have metadata and multimedia like animations, simulations and videos. You can create templates to automate your PDF-relevant business processes. Suite modules include CAD converters, rights management and connectors for integration with enterprise systems like PLM (product lifecycle management) and ERP (enterprise resource planning).

With PDF Generator 3D, “intelligent” means more than just a document with interactive, exploded viewing of an assembly. You can also link to and integrate data in a 3D PDF that is not part of your automatic 3D PDF generation scheme. You can then make that data available to customers, partners and suppliers. With your permission, they can edit the data with a module that extends Adobe Reader with tools for cross-sectioning 3D models, taking measurements and so forth.

Alas, that barely scratches the surface of what PDF Generator 3D is all about. So here’s what you do: On the initial landing page, you’ll see a video. Watch it. It’s short and a good place to begin learning that the 3D PDF format is way more than you might realize.

PROSTEP The PROSTEP PDF Generator 3D Server Solution empowers engineering enterprises to automatically convert 2D/3D CAD and analysis data into interactive and secure 3D PDF documents for communications with other departments, clients and supply chain partners. Image courtesy of PROSTEP Inc.

Arrayed on the right-hand side, you’ll see a trio of white papers. They’re all good, but download the middle one, “3D PDF Technology,” first. It introduces PDF Generator 3D and provides practical reasons to consider an automated 3D PDF solution for your enterprise. At top right, click on the video tab then watch the videos on the extension modules for Adobe Reader and rights management.

Simply put, PROSTEP PDF Generator 3D seems to offer an elegant communications and collaboration solution for your engineering enterprise, clients and supply chain. Hit today’s Check it Out link to learn more about PROSTEP PDF Generator 3D now. Well worth your time.

Thanks, Pal. – Lockwood

Anthony J. Lockwood

Editor at Large, Desktop Engineering

Check out PDF Generator 3D here.

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