MakeVR Pro Brings CAD-Based Tools to 3D Modeling in VR For HTC VIVE

Vive Studios and Sixense have launched MakeVR Pro, a VR content creation experience.

Vive, the virtual reality (VR) content development and publishing initiative from HTC VIVE, and Sixense, a developer in motion tracking and VR content, have jointly launched MakeVR Pro. The VR content creation experience houses a professional CAD engine that enables advanced 3D object modeling within VR. MakeVR Pro features new functionality for creators of 3D projects.

MakeVR Pro adds tools to MakeVR for the precision alignment of objects using grids and rulers, jigs, snapping, surface tracking and mirroring. These tools allow anyone, regardless of their age or experience level, to create solid-model content with positional and rotational accuracy in their virtual workshop, fulfilling the demand for such control and opening new channels of creativity. This CAD-based content creation is what separates MakeVRPro from other immersive modeling, sculpting and painting apps. The expanded level of control that the precision tools provide showcase virtual reality as a natural progressive medium for 3D object modeling. In-app tutorials guide the user through the process of learning this new functionality. MakeVRPro enables the ability to export standard object files for 3D printing. Furthermore, MakeVR Pro has direct links from within the app to connect with Shapeways, the online 3D printing service.

Launched on Viveport in March, MakeVR is a 3D content creation experience, delivering 3D object modeling in VR to makers and designers of all skill levels. With an intuitive interface based on natural two-handed motions, MakeVR uses Vive’s room-scale VR to give creators an immersive virtual space to explore and design objects. Experienced makers and modelers can use MakeVR’s 3D multi-touch interface to create objects in new ways.

For more info, visit Vive and Sixense.

Sources: Press materials received from the company.

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