Maple Flow Engineering Software Unveiled

There is easier reuse of example templates and new formatting options that improve workflow and communication.

There is easier reuse of example templates and new formatting options that improve workflow and communication.

Maple Flow 2022 is an efficient calculation tool that lets engineers easily combine mathematics and documentation in a clean flexible layout. Image courtesy of Maplesoft.

Maplesoft has released its Maple Flow engineering calculation software. Maple Flow is a mathematics tool that makes it easy for engineers to brainstorm, develop and document their design calculations. Productivity enhancements in the new 2022 release improve workflow when creating and using design worksheets, saving engineers time during calculation tasks.

With Maple Flow, engineers can capture all content into a single document, making it easy to understand, maintain, update, and reuse the calculations and the design. Maple Flow includes application examples across a variety of engineering fields, such as reinforced concrete design, worst-case circuit analysis, and pipeline fluid flow. The new release adds an easier way to use these examples to get started, with an updated help system that makes it quicker to find relevant examples and to copy them into your own document.

Other productivity improvements include even faster automatic updates when a parameter is changed, better alignment of matrices, arrays, and vectors around the canvas, and easier entry when using expression templates.

“Mechanical, electrical, and civil engineers have told us they were looking for a fast way to collect and arrange design calculations, analysis, and assumptions in a single document. Maple Flow is an efficient tool that combines the live mathematics with design elements in a clean flexible layout, in ways that are impossible in many commonly used tools, such as spreadsheets,” says Samir Khan, product manager at Maplesoft. “In this latest release, the new productivity features make it faster for engineers to prepare design sheets using templates and examples, and easier to make changes. New users to Maple Flow can quickly learn to produce complex calculation documents that look professional, freeing them up for valuable design tasks.”

Maple Flow serves as an important communication tool when sharing design knowledge across an engineering organization, and documents can easily be formatted for eventual printing or PDF export. The new release of Maple Flow enables engineers to draw more attention to important information or results with the ability to set background colors to highlight parts of the document.

Maple Flow is available in English, Japanese and Simplified Chinese.

Sources: Press materials received from the company and additional information gleaned from the company’s website.

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